Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies Major

Starting in Fall Semester 2018, the new Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies program provides a well-rounded education in biological sciences that prepares graduates to apply for programs leading to certification as physician assistants.

Physician assistants are in-demand healthcare professionals. Nationally certified and state-licensed, PAs diagnose and treat illness and disease, and prescribe medication for patients. They work in physician offices, hospitals, and clinics as a part of healthcare teams with supervising physicians and other healthcare providers.

Saint Mary’s Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies major is a four-year course of instruction that leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Saint Mary’s biology faculty advisers work closely with students to ensure all prerequisite requirements are met and that students are prepared to successfully compete for entrance into a master’s-level physician assistant program. The Pre-Physician Assistant Studies program is planning to offer students valuable experiences in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences, which could include visits to the clinic, career observations with current PAs, medical simulation activities, and participation in special lectures or symposiums, as well as social activities.

Career Options

Students who graduate from Saint Mary's with a degree in Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies will be prepared and equipped with the knowledge necessary to participate in a physician assistant master’s-level program. Upon completion of a PA master’s program, students will be prepared for success in the field as a physician assistant.

High School Preparation

High school coursework that will support students in their pursuit of a degree in Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies includes experience in biology, chemistry, and physiology and anatomy.

Enhance Your Experience

Students who graduate with a degree in Biology Pre-Physician Assistant Studies often pursue a double major or minor in Chemistry or Psychology.

B110/B111 Botany and Zoology I and Lab
B120/B121 Botany and Zoology II and Lab
B305 Human Anatomy with Lab
B311 Cell Biology with Lab
B313 Physiology with Lab
B392 Biostatistics
B409 Biochemistry with Lab
B434 Microbiology with Lab
B492 Experimental Planning
B493 Research and Thesis
C131/133 General Chemistry I and Lab
C142/144 General Chemistry II and Lab
C321/C323 Organic Chemistry I and Lab
C322 Organic Chemistry II with Lab
M151 Calculus I
P201/P202 Introductory Physics I and Lab
PY111 General Psychology
PY211 Developmental Psychology