General Education

The general education requirements at Saint Mary’s enable students to graduate prepared for their next steps in life.

Over the course of four years, Saint Mary's students acquire advanced skills in oral communications, writing, critical thinking, and problem solving. While the whole of the Saint Mary's experience will ensure that graduates are well-prepared to be successful, engaged citizens of the world, the general education requirements provide broad-based knowledge core to the liberal arts tradition.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, a student must: 

  • Complete a major program of study.
  • Complete a selection of elective courses of special interest to the student that enhances their course of study.
  • Complete the coursework associated with the Lasallian Core Traditions Program or the Lasallian Honors Program. Both programs follow the teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, and are comprised of a few core teachings that we want our students to internalize and bring with them wherever they go in life. Included in these teachings are: to have respect for all persons, to receive a quality education, to practice being inclusive, to have concern for the poor, to strive for social justice, and to have faith in God.