History/Social Studies Major

The history/social studies major is primarily intended for students who are planning on pursuing certification in social science education through a Master of Arts in Instruction program.

This major combines the depth of the history major, including significant research and writing experience, with the breadth of the social science major and provides a second option for students seeking licensure.

Students considering teaching in this area should be in contact with the chair of this program and the School of Education. Students should also check each semester for possible changes in course work required of them as they work toward certification at the university.

Career Options

Middle and high school teachers; college professors; attorneys; paralegals; researchers; librarians; archivists; curators; reporters and editors. See more.

High School Preparation

Art History; Comparative Government and Politics; European History; Foreign Language; Government; Sociology; Statistics; U.S. History; World History

Enhance Your Experience

Students who major in history/social studies will oftentimes pursue a minor or double major in educational studieselementary educationsecondary education, or sociology