mathematics, computer science, and statistics

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Department

The focus of the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics is to create an environment that appreciates and understands two important branches of knowledge in the liberal arts: mathematics and statistics. 

Develop the Powers of Logical Thought and Critical Analysis

Students are provided with guided opportunities to develop powers of logical thought and critical analysis—together—with an orientation for modeling in applications. Courses are designed to provide an appropriate mathematics or statistics education for students, whether they are majoring in the department or taking courses in the general education program or to complement another major.

Graduate scores on the court and in class

Wylie Ferron ’17 may not be dressed in his usual Cardinal red, but he will definitely have the home-court advantage when he dons a cap and gown and hits the gym floor Saturday for Saint Mary’s University’s Winona commencement ceremony. As a three-year captain of the men’s basketball team, Ferron has engineered many successful basketball […] Read more ›

Wetlands project gives high-tech hands-on training

Students interested in geographic information science at Saint Mary’s don’t need a global positioning system to direct them to valuable, hands-on experiences in their field. For years, the university’s GeoSpatial Services has been providing professionally mentored field experiences to students. The organization—which provides natural resource assessment, geographic analysis, and high-tech digital mapping services—works with both […] Read more ›

The sky’s the limit with summer NASA program

Ben Preusser, a double major in physics and math, is—no surprise—interested in numbers, and he has always been a fervent fan of facts. “(All students) should all major in physics and math; there are no other majors,” he says with a laugh. It could be this positive attitude, coupled with his love for learning that […] Read more ›

Student Involvement in Mathematics and Statistics

There is an active student-operated Mathematics and Statistics Club, which all students are welcome to join. The department has its own chapter—Minnesota Zeta—of the national honorary mathematics society, Pi Mu Epsilon. Qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors may earn membership.

Goals for Our Students

  • Communicate about and with mathematics and statistics in oral and written formats
  • Understand and use mathematical and statistical theory and techniques to analyze and solve problems
  • Translate real-world problems into mathematical situations and then apply mathematics and/or statistics to solve those problems.

Placement Review Materials


Kevin Dennis, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Assistant Professor

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Kevin Dennis Ph.D.
Donald Heier

Professor of Computer Science and Graduate Cybersecurity Program Director

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Darren Row, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Assistant Professor

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Darren Row Ph.D.
Janel Schultz, Ed.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics - Professor

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Janel Schultz Ed.D.
Kristen Sellke, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics - Department Chair, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Associate Professor

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Kristen Sellke Ph.D.
Paul Weiner, Ph.D.

Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics - Professor

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Paul Weiner Ph.D.