Our professors will work with you to help you prepare to apply to medical school. You will have the opportunity to get to know your professors and benefit from their expertise, experience, and advice during your four years on campus. 

Program Details

There is no required major for the study of medicine or for going on to medical school, but there are required and highly recommended prerequisite classes. Medical school requires a strong preparation in the sciences. Most students wanting to attend medical school will select either biology or chemistry as their major. If you choose to major in something other than biology or chemistry, you should take introductory level courses in biology and chemistry, and take Anatomy and Physiology as well as Organic Chemistry.

It is recommended that students consult with their advisers during their first year on campus to make sure they get started towards graduation on the right track with the necessary classes and labs. Adequate undergraduate preparation affords the student a significant advantage when taking the MCATs (Medical College Aptitude Tests) and increases the chances of acceptance into medical school.  

Some of our students will double major in chemistry and biology to enhance their knowledge and their résumés. This is not required to get into medical school and you can fulfill your medical school prerequisite courses without double majoring.

No matter what, you can be confident in the fact that when you choose Saint Mary's, you'll find faculty members who are committed helping you fulfill your career goals and aspirations.

High School Preparation

If medicine is a strong interest of yours, you should take a high school curriculum that will prepare you for your college course work. If your high school offers AP, IB, or honors classes, take as many sciences as you can—for example, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. This preparation will help you as you enter the higher-level classes at Saint Mary’s.