Pre-veterinary Science

You have had a lifelong love of animals, and now veterinary school is tugging at you. Saint Mary’s can help you get there!

Program Details

There is no required major for veterinary school, but there are highly recommended and required prerequisite classes. Veterinary school requires a strong preparation in the sciences. Most students wanting to attend veterinary school will select either biology or chemistry as their major. If you choose to major in something other than biology or chemistry, you should take courses in biology and chemistry, Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, Organic Chemistry, Zoology, Microbiology, and Animal Science. The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges website ( may also be a helpful resource for students interested in veterinary medicine.

It is recommended that students consult with their adviser during their first year on campus to make sure they get started on the right track with the necessary classes and labs. Adequate undergraduate preparation affords the student a significant advantage when applying to veterinary school. Your résumé will be stronger and you will be more successful while taking your graduate admissions exams. 

Students will be required to take a graduate entrance exam. Depending on the institution to which they are applying, these will include the GRE, the Bio-GRE, or the MCATs (Medical College Aptitude Tests).  

High School Preparation

You should take a high school curriculum that will prepare you for your college course work. If your high school offers AP, IB, or honors classes, take as many sciences as you can—for example, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. This preparation will help you as you enter the higher-level classes at Saint Mary’s.

Veterinary school is very competitive, and everything on your résumé will matter. Another way to prepare and to prove your interest in veterinary science is to add volunteering to your résumé. Volunteer as many hours as you can in a clinic, an animal hospital, or a shelter. To “walk the talk” will add to the sincerity of your voice on your résumé.