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  • Brian Dillon
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Flag Football Champs


October 15, 2011

Last night I was able to play in something all intramural athletes strive to play in; the flag football championship. My team (The Revolution) continued its dominant season last night as we remained undefeated and won the championship. One of the benefits of winning a championship is getting a much coveted intramural champs t-shirt. Each year the students have a competition to design the shirt for the year. The lucky winners of each sport get one of these free shirts!

Flag football is my favorite intramural sport, mostly because of the people that are on my team. We have been able to keep the same team all four years of college. I think it is very cool to be able to do this because at most big schools you might not see the people that live in your dorm freshman year ever again as people move off campus. It made it that much more fun to be able to win with my friends that I met on my first day at Saint Mary’s.

More intramural updates to come next session for handball, dodge ball, and wiffleball!

If you ever want to visit the intramural website, check out the link below.

SMU Intramurals

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