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Ghost Town!

October 19, 2011

This weekend everyone got to go home for fall break.  Everyone that is, except for the athletics teams.  Now there are some positives and negatives to being on our own on campus.  One thing that is definitely nice is being able to not have to worry about waiting in line for anything: the cafeteria does not have the long waits, showers do not get filled up, and you don’t have to worry about big messes in the bathrooms.  In a sense we have free roam over the entire campus for four days.  Then there are the negatives: no one is around to hang with outside of the team you are a part of, getting help from others becomes a lot more difficult, and the options for food are much worse.  I enjoy being a part of a team on campus, but at times you want to be off on your own with people that you don’t spend every minute of the day with.

It’s definitely a strange feeling having so much of the people from campus gone for the break.  The campus essentially turns into one of those ghost towns from the Wild West.  All that is missing is the occasional tumbleweed bouncing along as you walk through the plaza.  Suddenly any noise you hear, that you would normally dismiss while everyone is here, becomes a huge deal.  A door slams in the hall and you freeze…who could that be. No one else is here.  Walking down the hall there is an awkward uncomfortableness because you know you should be hearing rumblings from the doors you walk by.  Trips to the bathroom become more of an adventure than normal, especially when you think of all the ghost stories that have been told about St. Mary’s.  Suddenly the peace and quiet of having no one else in the dorm is not as nice as you thought it would be.  Of course it’s not an absolutely terrifying time but there is an uneasiness that you would rather not have.  The end of break does not seem so bad after all.

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