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SMU’s located 275 miles northwest of Chicago, one of the Midwest’s most exciting cities.

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  • Brian Dillon
  •  | Business

International Business

October 27, 2011

Today was my favorite day so far in International Business. This class is one of my favorites this semester, and we had presentations about different cultures today. The class was broken up into groups and each was given a country to research. My group had Chile, and it was cool to hear about their culture. Each day they take a two hour break for lunch! I thought the most interesting country was Indonesia. In this culture, there is always a guest of honor for dinner parties. The guest of honor is lead through the buffet first, and each guest should make the guest of honor feel the most important even if this means talking to other guests less. This is very different from the American culture!

Also, we are starting on a big project for International Business. In this project we get to select a product, and then a country to introduce the product to. So far my group has decided on 5-hour Energy as our product. We are thinking of choosing China, but are not quite sure which country yet.

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