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Midterms? I JUST got here

October 10, 2011

Every year I have been here the weeks seem to just fly by. I honestly, cannot believe its midterms. I think it’s a pleasant sign. I have been busy this year as far as things I have been doing. The year started out with many setups. I am involved in the male music fraternity on campus, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and we have been busy setting up lights and sound for shows. At the beginning of the year we set up for several shows in the plaza. The shows that are out in the plaza range from the always strange, but very interesting Show Off Show to the band Sound Rabbit. This weekend I set up lights in the common room for the Student Activities Committee’s Dollar dance. This weekend also marks the beginning of the probationary process for Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Additionally, through the radio station KSMR I was able to broadcast, stream and podcast a local band on campus. If you would like to check out any of the things on KSMR here is a link: Its been also very incredible with classes. My personal favorite right is Physic Of Sound. I have been running shows and dealing with audio for many years now and this class looks at it from a very different perspective. This class is going to be an awesome challenge for me. I think its going to be really interesting learning about the scientific explanations of why sound acts the way it does. This year is flying by. I felt like I literally just got back.

Additionally, in reference to my family weekend post I wanted to post a link to the Oldie Moldie All-Stars video.

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