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My college decision- part 2

October 16, 2011

So the schools that I started to look at out of state were University of Wisconsin, University of Missouri, Kentucky, DePauw, and Louisville.  I quickly narrowed it down to Wisconsin and Missouri simply due to the setting of the other schools.  So I was all set to go and apply at Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  Then I heard from a friend on the soccer team about another school which they were going to attend.  This school happened to be St. Mary’s.  I knew nothing about them and had never even heard of the school.  My mom decided to take me to a convention St. Mary’s was holding and there I signed up for an overnight trip.  While there I decided to make this school one of my options because it also gave me the option to play soccer if I went there unlike the other schools that I attended.  Besides St. Mary’s there were only two schools that I was truly interested in: Missouri and Wisconsin with Missouri being my number one choice.

Missouri was an awesome school when I went to visit there.  It had a beautiful campus and I knew people that were going there.  St. Mary’s was very similar but it was on a much smaller scale.  So the time came for me to actually apply to schools and I decided to only apply to Missouri and St. Mary’s.  I had no interest in going to Illinois and I felt like Missouri was very similar to Wisconsin except that I felt there were a couple more benefits to Missouri plus it was less expensive.  After applying I was accepted into both St. Mary’s and Missouri.  So now I had a decision to make.  Either go to a small school with a strong field I am interested in and the possibility of playing soccer or go to a big school with a lot of campus options and a great variety of educational options.  It ended up coming down to the cost of each school.  Both were cheaper than going to the in state schools that I was interested in going to, but St. Mary’s was fairly less expensive than Missouri.  With all benefits applied, I decided to go to St. Mary’s and have not looked back since.  The experience I have had here has been great and I know it has been completely different from what I would have had at Missouri.

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