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  • Brian Dillon
  •  | Business

Projects, Tests, Presentations!

October 11, 2011

This is one of those weeks that many students dread. Yep, its midterm week. This is one of the few times during the year that it seems like there is a test or project in every class. This week I am working on a project for my Strategic Management class. This is the capstone for all of the business majors. For the project, my group and I are creating a power point presentation about an internal and external analysis for a company. It’s a great experience, but it is a lot of work as I study for two midterms this week as well!

Studying for all of these tests has been stressful, but it has been nice to take a break outside and enjoy the weather. One thing that I enjoy about living on campus is being able to grill out with friends next to the dorms. The school has grills outside of each dorm and it has been a great tradition my friends and I have done each year. Also, it was nice to get outside and play some football on campus. My favorite part of the weekend had to be climbing up to “the rock”. This is a place high in the bluffs that overlooks the campus.

It was great to get outside and enjoy the weather, but it’s time to get back to work!

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