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  • Brian Dillon
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What a week!

October 23, 2011

Last weekend was October break where we get two days off from classes. This is a great break for students each year as it gives us a chance to get home between the beginning of school and Thanksgiving. It was great to be home for a couple days, but when I got back it was back to the books!

Right now I am working on a group speech that I get to present tomorrow. The speech is 20 minutes long, and we are doing a case study on Papa John’s. With my group, I get to research the company, industry, and other events from the specific time period. After doing so, we get to recommend the best case of action for Papa John’s. I really like working on the project, but it is also a lot of work!

Also this week was a one night 3-on-3 basketball tournament. It was fun to participate in this, and my team ended up winning! Two championship t-shirts in one week!

Today was also the Packers-Vikings game which was a lot of fun. There are many students from Wisconsin and Minnesota here so it is really fun to watch the game in big groups. The Vikings came up short today, but maybe they can win at Green Bay!

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