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  • Amy Kujak
  •  | Education

Why SMU? My perfect fit

October 6, 2011

Sometimes I sit in my room and wonder how I ended up here at Saint Mary’s doing the things I have been doing. Well, I started thinking about where I wanted to go to college about midway through my junior year in high school. I am a planner and like things to be organized, so I started thinking about this process early! I was really involved in athletics in high school and I knew I wanted to play in college if possible too. So I looked at universities where they had not only an education program but a volleyball team as well. I also knew I wanted a smaller community feel for my school. I started the college search first through volleyball, email coaches from the schools that I was interested in. I sent about four out, none of which to Saint Mary’s yet. I talked to one of my aunts who works at SMU, and she asked me to check out Saint Mary’s. The thought of going to a private college never crossed my mind before, but I thought why not? So I sent the SMU volleyball coach an email about some of my club volleyball tournaments, not really expecting to hear back from them. Well the assistant volleyball coach from SMU came to a couple of tournaments, saw me play, and said they were interested in me. So after this I looked into the school a lot more, and loved what I saw. The pictures on all of the brochures were beautiful but usually those are too good to be true. I continued talking with the coaches and started liking SMU even more. In May of my junior year in high school, I took a tour of the SMU campus and instantly fell in love with the school. I was also looking at going to Winona State University and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse because I love the bluffs and the area. I toured these schools, but didn’t feel as comfortable as I did at Saint Mary’s. I knew this was the right school for me to go to because of how comfortable I felt when I was walking around. That, I think, is the most important part of picking out what school you want to go to college to. You have to feel like it is your home away from home and that you will be comfortable all day any day. After the visit I applied to the school, figured out the financial aid situation, and proceeded to get so excited about coming to school here in the following fall. My finding Saint Mary’s was almost by chance, but I believe it was also an act of God. It was like he was pointing a big flashing arrow over the school saying “This is the right school for you!” I cannot see myself at any other school, and I am so glad that I chose to come here!

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“Life is a cup to be filled not drained.”

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