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A Week In The Life

November 15, 2011

I wanted to take this post to write about a week in the life of a college student. I figured that this would be one of the most enlightening posts I can do. I am trying to give just the weekly scheduled events. Usually, I am a lot busier than this. Each week is very different and very busy. These are the things that are usually consistent.

Monday: I start class at 8:45 with Physics of Sound and Music. The class is probably one of the most challenging, yet interesting, classes I have ever taken. I have learned more from that class and had more practical uses for that class than any other class aside from the straight music technology classes. Then my next class is at 11:10. That class is Chamber Singers. I have been involved in this class every year I have been at college and was section leader for two of those years. After that class I have general psychology at 1:30. I have lunch in between those classes. Additionally, I have Christianity in the global context at 2:55. After that I am done with classes. I usually have KSMR e-board meeting at 7 and I do a radioshow at 9 until 12.  I tend to do my homework for those classes after class and before the KSMR meeting. After that I usually go home and go to bed.

Tuesday: I have class at 12:15. That class is World of Materials. I like that class as it is a science class for non-science majors. I think its a lot of fun and I enjoy it. Its one of the few science classes I have ever enjoyed and one of my first science classes at Saint Mary’s. I then have a voice lesson at 2 and then a sectional at 3:30 for chamber singers. Then I have concert choir at 4 until 5. I then go to senate at 7 and go back to do homework. During the probationary process for the fraternity I am involved in there are usually pledging events later on in the evening.

Wednesday: Classes are the same as Monday. When I finish classes I have a Phi Mu Alpha business meeting at 4:30. Then after that I try to go to Yon’s, the music building, to do some mixing or recording and additionally I go to the practice room to work on my vocal assignments. Then I will usually go back and work on homework and spend some times with the roommates or play music with friend.

Thursday: I have World of Materials at 12:15 and then I have the lab section of that class immediately following. That usually goes until around three. Then I go back to my dorm and relax for a little bit then run to Yon’s for concert choir. Then I go grab dinner and usually do homework or go to Yon’s to mix and practice. After that I go to usually a pledging event.

Friday: I have the same classes as Monday and Wednesday with the exception of Christianity in the Global Context. I then go back and try to take a nap. I spend the next hours hanging out with friends and going to activities on campus or making my own activities on campus.

Saturday: Usually, I have some sort of activity to setup for on this day. But this is my day of relaxation and chilling out. It is magical after a stressful week.

Sunday: I usually do homework, practice, hangout and I usually have a pledging event on Sunday. Additionally, I will go to things on campus and hang out. This is another day I have to catch up on sleep and relax.

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