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  • Chris Williams
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End of an era

November 5, 2011

With the soccer season ending the past weekend a significant part of my life has past at St. Mary’s.  I have spent the past four years working hard to try and improve myself athletically.  All the summers spent in the weight room and outside running around the neighborhood now don’t have the purpose they did while playing soccer.  Even though my athletic career is over, I have no regrets about where that career took me.  These four seasons have been a great time for me to learn more about myself and what I can still improve on moving forward.  I will never forget the time I spent with my teammates on and off the field.  Playing sports have prepared me in a way that I could have never experienced without sports: you learn how to manage your time, meet new people, and travel to places I would never have had a chance to go to otherwise.  For example, I went to England with the soccer team and had to opportunity to play a town’s club team and beat them 5-4.  Through what other option can you experience another culture?

Going forward it is sad to know I won’t be competitively playing sports any longer, but now I have the opportunity to move in a whole new direction.  I have more time to do things such as traveling, spend more time with friends, and work on my school more.  I know taking part in sports will no longer be a major part of my life but with so much of my life still ahead, I now have the chance to find a new passion to develop and I can’t wait!

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