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  • Chris Williams
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Feels Like High School

November 14, 2011

Being in my senior year, it is now time to plan for the future again, just like I had to do senior year of high school.  I thought I was done applying for colleges after high school.  Unfortunately, that dreaded application season has come around again.  Now I have to apply for graduate schools and it seems like applying was not this difficult in high school.  Thinking back to senior year I cannot help but feel some sympathy for the decisions that students have to make in applying for schools.  There is so much that goes into deciding what schools to apply to.  There is worrying about having the grades to be accepted into a school.  You need to determine how important being close to home is.  Money becomes an issue because tuition can be expensive.  With all these issues to think about, applying is a lot to handle.  I look forward to the time when the applications have been submitted and there is no more anxiety involved.  I hope everyone is able to make it through application season without the stress that can accompany it.

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