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  • Courtney Lee
  •  | Biology


November 22, 2011

November has been crazy. The pace is really picking up in a lot of my classes. My GIS Theory and Application class has required a lot of my time lately. We currently have learned how to compile many different types of maps and are using very advanced software to make maps based on world population density, state highways, and change in the Mississippi River landscape.

In freshwater ecology lab we classified macroinvertebrates, and it demanded a lot of time and close attention to detail, but it was fascinating to see the diversity of these organisms. For the class we have to key out several invertebrates down to genera as our final project, so for the next three lab periods I believe we will be keying out macroinvertebrates.

Two weeks ago I led a hike for Outdoor Leadership to a location deep in the bluffs of Winona to explore the sandstone caves, and on Friday Outdoor Leadership took a trip to southeast Minnesota to go birding with Father Beerman, who is an expert birder! We looked at swans, hooded mergansers, wood ducks, canvas backs, and a ton more.

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