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  • Andy Bauer
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Recitals Recitals Recitals

November 15, 2011

Every semester as a music major, you a required to attend a certain amount of concerts. Two of them are mandatory recitals and then you can choose which other ones you want to go to. I think it is a very unique experience everytime. For example, this past weekend, Dr. Ned Kirk played a recital in the Page Performance center. He is a professor at SMU and is also one of the most incredible piano players I have ever heard. His recital was just astounding. He started with a first act of Beethoven pieces that were just spectacular. However, I think my favorite piece he played was one that was a musical interpretation of a factory. It involved him playing piano with his elbows as well as his hands. I personally think that was one of the coolest piece I have seen a professor do. I also enjoyed the fact that he played the piano in what was not a ‘traditional’ style. I thought the piece painted the picture perfectly. It truly felt like a factory.

Additionally, a few of the other staff members perform on a regular basis around the Winona, LaCrosse area. Eric Heukeshoven and Dr. John Paulson play jazz shows very regularly. It’s a great show to see. These professors are some of the most talented jazz musicians I have ever seen.

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