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  • Courtney Lee
  •  | Biology

The Progression of a Lab

November 22, 2011

The gallery below is a play-by-play if you will of what 3 hour environmental biology labs entail.

Photo #1: In the first 5 minutes of lab we are all frantically trying to grab our waders and eat as much as we can or digest the food that we ate just minutes before class started. At the beginning of each lab Dr. Cochran usually gives a brief description of the location we are sampling and what exactly we are sampling that day.

Photo #2: Then everyone works together to load up the vans with equipment such as nets, buckets, paperwork, and any other specific equipment that will be needed for the class period.

Photo #3: Once we have arrived to our destination we gear up in our waders and take all of the equipment we will need out of the van.

Photo #4: Then we carry all of the equipment to the sampling site.

Photo #5: Here we sampled the stream discharge of total solids in Gilmore Creek.

Photo #6: More walking and carrying.

Photo#7: Dr. Cochran telling terribly punny jokes, mischievously placing burrs on students like usual, and giving more information on the sample site as well as asking thought provoking questions that help us analyze stream development and disturbance.

Photo#8: More sampling

Photo #9: Finally Dr. Cochran debriefing the lab, asking final questions, asking if we have questions, and giving instructions on the assignment that correlates with the lab.

Best Major Ever.

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