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SMU’s located 275 miles northwest of Chicago, one of the Midwest’s most exciting cities.

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  • Amy Kujak
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Crunch Time

December 10, 2011

With only a couple days left of school before finals, it is crunch time! So many professors have projects or papers due. This means that for the next week or so, all I will be doing is homework and studying! BUT, once this is all over, we have our Christmas Break and we will be out of school for almost a whole month! On Monday, I have two presentations and a paper due, and then finals start on Friday. What I really like about our final schedule is that our finals are Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday, and our study day is Thursday. With the study day on Thursday and the extra day on Sunday, there is a nice break between finals for studying. Also, Saint Mary’s has this rule where if you have three or more finals on the same day, one professor is required to let you take it at a different time. This helps a lot for studying and preparing for the exams.

One of the coolest things about Saint Mary’s around finals time is on the Thursday of study day. At 9:30 there is a Christmas Light Service at the church where there is a bunch of singing Christmas songs, some readings, and after we all light candles and bring them outside to a tree, and then we turn all the lights on the tree. It is awesome! And I really, really, suggest this is something you go to. After the service, everyone heads over to the cafeteria for our “Midnight Breakfast.” The faculty and staff get all dressed up in their holiday garb and serve us breakfast at 10:00 at night until about midnight. They figure everybody is going to stay up studying all night anyways so why not eat a good meal? The cafeteria is packed and they play Christmas music, and it is a great way to start the stressful five days of finals.

“Progress is not always a straight line in which we must defeat or outstrip others and there is only one winner. Progress is a circle in which we strive to use all our talents and complete ourselves. Potentially, we are all winners.” — Gloria Steinem

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