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Psychology Symposium

December 12, 2011

The past weekend was quite a busy one.  Saturday I spent in the Psychology Symposium presenting on my Internship Integration.  The Psychology Symposium is the major presentation for psychology majors graduating.  It is meant to be a culmination of everything that you have learned during your time at St. Mary’s.  This past Saturday there were 11 of us who presented a 12 minute speech on a model that we created as a result of the time we spent at our internship sites.

My internship was spent at Camelot of Des Plaines in Illinois.  I worked as a clinical intern in the various classrooms within the therapeutic day school.  A therapeutic day school is a school for children with various disorders or behavioral issues such as depression, schizophrenia, and autism that prevent them from attending a regular school.  So as an intern I helped in faculty meetings as well as classrooms by providing input on situations that may occur.  I would help students with work assignments, assist in crisis situations, and assist in treatment planning for children.  My fellow psych majors had similar experiences within the internships they had.  Based on these experiences, models were created such as my model I placed in the picture.

My model tried to identify treatment factors that can help increase the chances of children being returned to their homes and regular schools.  I looked at treatments from a biological, psychological, and social aspect and how these three aspects can best be implemented together in helping each child.

When Saturday came around, I became very nervous for having to present in front of 60 to 70 people on something that was entirely my own idea.  I was one of the later people to present and I couldn’t tell you what happened as I spoke.  Everything went by so quickly that it seemed like a blur.  I will say that I was glad once it was over.  It was quite a day for everyone involved and something that each presenter was able to be very proud of.

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