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  • Amy Kujak
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CAC Olympics 2012

January 23, 2012

For those who are just joining the blog now, as well as being an Elementary Education major, I am also a Senior on the volleyball team at Saint Mary’s, and the president of the Cardinal Athletic Council (CAC) on campus. Today the CAC put on the SMU Olympics, where student-athletes from each of the teams on campus come, mix up into different teams, and then compete in challenges designed by our coaches. It is a fantastic way to get to know more people in our athletic community on campus and it is a great time to have some good, competitive fun. Today, I think we had close to 170 athletes participate in the challenges. They were split up into 16 different teams and traveled to 10 different stations. The whole day lasted about two and a half hours and each of the stations took about ten minutes. I was not able to participate because of my knee, but I walked around and took pictures for the yearbook of the event. But from what I could tell, and from comments after the event, our athletes really enjoyed themselves today.

To give you a taste of some of the activities: the Women’s Basketball coaches had blind dodge ball at their station. People partnered up, and the partner who was not blindfolded had to lead their partner around and help them throw at other people. This station probably made me laugh the most because the people who were blindfolded did not have a clue what was going on. One of our hockey players was told to run fast, and he ran straight into a wall (we are hoping he didn’t break his nose from the impact)! Another station was battleship, where teams would lay down on opposite sides of a track matt. Teams took turns throwing a ball over: if you got hit you were out, and if someone caught your ball you were out as well. Bean-bag toss was another game and so was handball. Other challenges required a lot of teamwork and strategizing to get the best result.

At the end of the day, there were two teams who were tied at 8-1, so we settled the tie with tug-o-war. At first the two teams were very even, but then one out powered the other and took the title of SMU Olympics 2012 champions. All in all I think our athletes had a lot of fun, and this is something we will want to continue in the future, or at least something of this nature.

“Meeting new people, confidence, self-esteem, time management, discipline, motivation—all these things I learned, whether I knew I was learning [them] or not, through sports.” — Mia Hamm

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