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Our stunning, 400-acre campus offers over 8 miles of skiing and hiking trails.

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  • Chris Williams
  •  | Psychology
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Creating My Thesis

January 20, 2012

Being a psychology major means needing to do a major project to show everything that I have learned over the past four years.  The research project that I am working on is a research project on attention and exercise.  I have finally reached the last stretch of my research.  The past two semesters were spent searching out what I wanted to learn more about through research.  One semester was spent looking for a topic to research and create a design for the project.  The following semester was spent collecting all my data to crunch.  Now I am putting the paper together based on all the results I have collected.

Searching out a topic was not the easiest project in my time at St. Mary’s.  There are so many areas that I could have focused on for my research that it was really overwhelming initially.  So I decided to look into what I had plenty of experience in.  Since I have participated in sports all my life, I thought it would be interesting to see how exercise affected a person’s ability to focus.  As a result I started to research the past experiments completed on exercise.  I realized that there was not much on people my age.  So I wanted to complete my research on people my age.  After a semester of searching for a topic I finally had one.  I was create an experiment about whether young adults’ fitness level affects how they pay attention to things following exercise.

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