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  • Amy Kujak
  •  | Education


January 5, 2012

If you are interested in going into the education field, it is very important to start working with kids. A lot of my classmates have had nanny jobs over the summers, babysit, or work at summer camps. This past summer, I wanted to get more practice with teaching, so I thought it would be beneficial to do some tutoring work. I called a Sylvan Learning Center close to home, but they only hired people certified, and since I was a year from that, I had to find a different option. My mother suggested I try to do some tutoring in town. I thought that would work, and made up some flyers and put them around town. In order to get a base of students, I also talked with my elementary school principle about tutoring students from there. She thought it was a great idea, and I gave my information as well as a cover letter and updated resume to her to give to any parents who were interested. I did not know quite how to set my fee though, because I did not know what was common. My best friends mom is a 4th grade teacher at a local elementary school, and she said that a lot of parents are interested in tutoring for their children, but sometimes cannot afford the rate of some of the tutors. She said that if I wanted to get some kids, I might have to settle for a lower wage, but once I had my degree I could increase it. So I set an hourly wage, and tutored about six kids for the majority of the summer. This helped me so much with student interaction and it was so much fun to see how the students grew over the course of the summer. One-on-one interaction is something a lot of students don’t get a lot of because of class sizes, but is something the can excel under. I mostly tutored middle school aged students in math because that is my concentration and I have the most knowledge in that subject. Over winter break, I have been spending some time tutoring a student I had this summer and it is so exciting to see her growth. If you have a chance and are interested in tutoring, I would HIGHLY suggest it. It is a wonderful way to enrich your teaching style and stay connected to your local schools.

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery” – Mark Van Doren

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