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SMU fields 21 different intercollegiate teams at the NCAA Division III level.

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  • Brian Dillon
  •  | Business

Becoming a CPA

February 18, 2012

The Certified Public Accountant license is something that almost all accounting majors consider at one point. This certification is extremely valuable and leads to many great career opportunities. I would like to become a CPA in the future, and I am going to share the steps that are necessary to do this. There are three basic requirements that need to be fulfilled: education, experience, and passing the CPA exam. The education requirement calls for 150 credits, and this requires many students to take an extra semester or extra year of classes. In some cases, CPA exam review courses and internships can be taken for college credit. In Minnesota, the experience requirement is one year of public accounting. Each state is responsible for setting standards for earning the CPA license, and the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants is a good resource for information relevant to requirements in Minnesota. The CPA exam is a 4 part exam that requires a lot of preparation and studying. These are the three objectives I am trying to complete as I try to accomplish my goal of becoming a CPA.

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