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SMU fields 21 different intercollegiate teams at the NCAA Division III level.

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Rodeo Weekend

February 23, 2012

This past weekend I did something that I have never done….I went to a rodeo.  Now I am from the big city so rodeo has never really been a part of my vocabulary.  I have seen bull riding on tv from time to time but only to kill time between commercials of what I actually want to watch.  So I was excited to see what a rodeo was like live not only for the event itself, but also because of the crowd there too.  Being from Chicago, there aren’t too many cowboy hats I’ve seen.  At the rodeo there were more cowboy hats than I will see in the rest of my life.

The rodeo itself was fun to watch.  There was bull riding, bronco saddle riding, bronco saddle-less riding, and 3 barrel racing.  Watching these events and seeing the balance and strength required to do these events was impressive.  It was a little disappointing to see the horses and bulls used.  They were not the same size or build of what I have seen in other rodeos.  Without a doubt a doubt the best part of the rodeo was the mutton busting.  This is where kids under like 50 pound are placed on top of sheep and cling on for their lives while the sheep runs around.  The kids look like spider monkeys hanging on to a tree.  It is one of the funniest things you can see.  The rodeo was a great time and something that everyone should go and experience.

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