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  • Amy Kujak
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MCA Testing

March 2, 2012

Today kicked off the MCA math testing for the fifth grade classes at the Winona Middle School. All students are required to complete the test and they get as much time as they need in hopes they do not rush through it. All week we have reviewed practice math problems which may have only stressed the students out more than it helped. However, our students did the best they could while working on the test and will continue the test next Monday. I remember taking the state standards tests when I was in grade school and I just remember how stressful they are and how much energy it takes out of you. So when the students finished their testing period, we had them read quietly for about half an hour to unwind and to have a “brain break.”

Also, I am not sure how many of you are familiar with The Hunger Games book series, but it is spreading like wildfire in our classroom. Both myself and my cooperating teacher have read the series, and I think about eight or nine students have picked up the books as well. It is so fun to see their engagement with the text and their desire to continue reading. They are also very excited about the first moving coming out in late May. Sometime we even have class discussions about what is happening with the books. I just love it! If you have not read the books, I would highly suggest it! (Enjoy the video!)

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided, but for the feeling that you cherished them.  – Richard L. Evans

The Hunger Games trailer

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