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Our stunning, 400-acre campus offers over 8 miles of skiing and hiking trails.

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  • Brian Dillon
  •  | Business

What happens if you miss something a professor says or miss a class?

March 4, 2012

Saint Mary’s uses a great system to help students study or catch up on a class that they have missed. The system that is used is called Tegrity. This is a recording system that almost all of my business classes provide. The audio of the class is recorded along with a video of the professor and any teaching aide they might be using. Tegrity has the ability to show the computer screen of a PowerPoint presentation, or it can be easily switched to display notes the professor presents on an overhead. I have used this tool many times when studying for a test. Sometimes I will remember a topic in class, but I don’t remember everything that the professor covered. When I want to review that section, I just pull up the Tegrity video on the internet and there it is! This tool is just one way that Saint Mary’s is using technology to help students.

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