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  • Amy Kujak
  •  | Education

Is It That Time Already?

April 22, 2012

A week ago I took a huge step into my future…I applied for my first teaching job! Even if I do not get an interview from this job, at least I have taken that first step which is such a relief. A couple of my classmates are further along in the process than I am and have already had several interviews. Other classmates are more concerned with their course work and will start applying after graduation May 12th. From what I have heard, applying early will give you more options. What I am worried about is that I may not get hired until late August and I will have only several weeks to plan curriculum and set up my classroom, but it would be worth it just to have a job. It is so exciting to think that in four months or less I could have a job and my own classroom to start preparing for! But right now, I have to savor the last two weeks as a college student, get ahead with applications, and just hope for the best!

“Fear says, ‘You’re not good enough; You’ll never make it.’ Hope declares, ‘You are worth; You can do Anything.’ Fear steals the joy from today worry about tomorrow. Hope invests faith returning joy for today and tomorrow.”

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