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What are the skills business leaders need to have in the 21st century business landscape? A push and the know-how to innovate. Experience grounded in the real-world practice of business. Day-to-day operational knowledge. Everything you learn in the SMU business department.

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Real-World Business Experience

A great business education is about making things happen. We know exactly what you mean. It’s what we do. It’s why our students regularly push their big ideas as far into the real world as they can. And why they constantly push themselves to apply their learning as much in real-world situations—toward resolving real-world problems and achieving real-world results—as they can.

Of course, it helps to be surrounded by hands-on learning opportunities. And those are the kind of opportunities we pride ourselves in helping students find. It’s who we are…an entire community of professionals dedicated to finding innovative ways to integrate values-based classroom learning with practical course work, applications, and experiences at every step.

To be a business student at Saint Mary’s is to:

  • Design and market your own products at the Cardinal Corner, a campus business managed entirely by SMU students as you transform your professional selling, entrepreneurship, and market research skills into real results.
  • Gain invaluable professional experience and build career networks and connections even before you graduate through exciting internships with such companies and organizations as AT&T, IBM, CNN, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Minnesota Timberwolves, among others.
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of, and familiarity with, global business practices through study abroad experiences in Mexico, Italy, the U.K., Spain, India, and a dozen other countries.
  • Put your business learning and skills to the test on campus and beyond through countless opportunities provided by such active business clubs as our Public Relations & Business Club or the Accounting Club…by the Cardinal athletic teams or our various campus committees…through our Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, cooperative professional programs, off-campus learning field placements, and more.

Meet the Faculty

Dynamic teachers or experienced professionals? You refuse to choose. Because you refuse to compromise when it comes to choosing the business school that fits you best. Welcome to the SMU Department of Business. Thanks to both the quality of our faculty and our small class sizes, here you’ll learn from, be mentored by, and collaborate closely with professors who are renowned scholars and innovative business leaders, extraordinary teachers, and ethical practitioners.

It’s easy to graduate with a competitive edge when…

  • You’re taught the fundamentals of marketing, sales, management, consumer behavior, business decision-making, and leadership by a professor with more than 15 years of experience in management within the retail industry.
  • You can study organizational behavior with a professor whose international professional experiences include stints with some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies.
  • You collaborate one-on-one on entrepreneurship with a scholar who’s a small business owner herself.
  • You learn management from a professor who’s not just an award-winning teacher but a strategic planning consultant highly sought-after by companies and organizations across the region.

Take a look at the accomplishments of our facultyand you’ll discover why our graduates find so much success. Whether within the classroom, in conversations across campus, or on faculty-led field trips across the region and beyond, you’ll benefit from their passion for teaching, their understanding of how business really works, and their professional connections in their fields.

Course Work

Looking for innovative programs? From entrepreneurship, to sports management, to accounting, human resource management, international business, and marketing, you’ll find them here. It’s a big part of why our B.A. program is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), a leading professional accrediting organization for business programs in student-centered colleges and universities worldwide.

You’ll also find innovative opportunities to increase your marketability once you graduate—like the option to double major in two business areas of the six we offer, a variety of minors, even pre-professional program options. Oh, and such innovative technologies as Tegrity, which automatically captures, stores, and indexes every class on campus so you may replay key class moments online or on your iPod or mobile device.

In search of a rock-solid foundation in business? We’re a good fit. In fact, our challenging curriculum, combined with our Lasallian Catholic heritage, enables us to powerfully tie together classroom learning and practical real-world experiences with an emphasis on ethical leadership and service. Our core curriculum ensures you develop all the critical business skills you need in such areas as accounting, marketing, management, economics, finance, finite mathematics, business law, and the international business environment. But simultaneously, we also ensure you develop the critical life skills you require to succeed: analytical and quantitative decision-making skills, qualitative decision-making skills, written and oral communication skills, and human interaction skills.

The result? A powerful, well-rounded foundation which not only positions you perfectly for tomorrow’s complex, rapidly changing world of business, but also prepares you for an ethical, meaningful life.

Careers in Business

Our graduates are highly sought after by employers across the region and nationwide. After all, from a rigorous all-round foundation in business, to the specialized skills they gain from our outstanding majors and programs, to the numerous internships, service, and other hands-on professional and leadership experiences they list on their résumés, our students graduate well-equipped to succeed within their fields and professions. It’s why they shape successful careers with such organizations as the Chicago Board of Trade, IBM, US Bancorp, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, and Target, among others. Or apply successfully to highly selective M.B.A. and other graduate programs across the nation.

But SMU is about more than a rewarding career. After all, today's global society demands professionals who’re both ethical leaders and effective decision makers. Talk to some of our many graduates busy transforming their organizations and communities. You’ll discover that a deep commitment to ethics and service-minded leadership…a global worldview…an openness to seizing every exciting possibility that tomorrow offers to make a difference in the world…are the qualities they share in common.

Recent Graduates on the Move

  • Catherine McDonald ’10 is an executive team leader in Human Resources with Target Corporation.
  • Tony Hynes ’10 is a sales coordinator at Bloom Health.
  • Valerie Koch ’10 currently serves as a development coordinator at Caesars Entertainment Corporation.
  • Dan Murray ’08 is an implementation consultant and project manager at Epic Systems.
  • Lisa Engdahl ’06 is currently manager of marketing and program management with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.
  • Pat Deeg ’05 works in the field of investments and is currently vice president at Marks Group Wealth Management.
  • Austin DeMuth ’03 works in the field of finance and currently serves as large transaction facilitator at U.S. Bancorp.

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