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Courses for Professionals

Professionals in the field are welcome to take courses in the Counseling & Psychological Services Master of Arts program. Professionals can apply as special students, and only an application, a transcript, and a one time application fee are required. For alumni, the application blank is required so that we can update the information. The following are some of the courses that may be of interest to people working in the field.

Please contact Christina Huck, Ph.D., L.P. at 612-728-5113 or with questions or requests for courses.

Supervision Courses

The following courses are relevant for counselors and therapists who wish to prepare to become supervisors and specifically for those who wish to apply to the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy as approved supervisors for LPC or LPCC post degree license applicants. The prerequisite for any of these courses is a counseling practicum. Both professionals and students at the end of their master's programs will be able to take these courses.

Fall Semesters

PY701 Supervising Counselors and Psychotherapists: Theories of Supervision (1 cr.)
Prerequisite: A Practicum
Description: This course examines theoretical models and related approaches in supervision of counselors and psychotherapists. Goals of supervision, relationships, and roles emphasize theoretical conceptualization and application of theory to supervision structure, dynamics and process. Opportunities to examine one’s own developmental learning needs and style in supervision are provided.

Spring Semesters

PY702 Supervising Counselors and Psychotherapists: Clinical Skills and Practice in Supervision (1 cr.)
Prerequisite: A Practicum
Description: In this course, students learn and practice fundamental skills associated with the effective supervision of counselors and psychotherapists. The acquisition and application of supervision skills are emphasized. Ethics and diversity issues are addressed in the context of acquiring and applying supervision skills.

Summer Semesters

PY703 Issues, Ethics and Research in Supervision (1 cr.)
Prerequisite: A Practicum
Description: This course examines some of the primary issues, ethical challenges, and research areas focused on the supervisory process from both the supervisor and supervisee standpoint. Issues addressed include multicultural awareness, transference and counter-transference, sexual and other attractions, and gender misunderstandings. Students will also explore the components of critical thinking as it applies to the supervisory process. Opportunities to examine the self in the supervisory process are provided.

For further information on the supervision courses, please contact Mary Louise Wise, Ph.D.,L.P. at

LPC and LPCC Licensure Coursework

For SMU Alumni: Depending on their years of study at SMU, alumni may need additional coursework. We have determined that the following courses are relevant for MN LPCC licensure as a part of the 24 clinical content area credits.

  • PY669 Advanced Psychopathology (2 credits)
  • PY704 Clinical Treatment Planning (2 credits)
  • PY705 Evaluation Methodologies (2 credits)
  • PY706 Writing for the Profession (1 credit)
  • PY707 Advanced Multicultural Counseling (1 credit)

See the catalog for more details.

For Alumni from other institutions, please contact Dr. Christina Huck, 612-728-5113, to discuss coursework for licensure.