Ek Family Village is Open to Juniors and Seniors or 21+ and graduate students

The Ek Family Village is a series of single-story, two-bedroom apartments.

Four same-sex students share each apartment, and a total of 134 students reside there. The apartments are situated among the trees on a portion of Saint Mary’s located across Highway 14, and this area is connected to the main campus by a footbridge. To live here, you must be a junior, a senior, or 21 years of age or older. It is also available to graduate students. The Ek Family Village enables students to experience apartment living while maintaining the benefits of living on campus.

Common Areas Included in Ek Family Village

  • Coinless laundry facilities included in room and board
  • Residents of each apartment share one private bathroom


  • Moveable beds with extra-long mattresses
  • Moveable dressers
  • Desks and desk chairs
  • Couch and arm chair for living room
  • Coffee table, end table, table lamp, and floor lamp (in most villages) for living room
  • Air conditioning
  • Cable and internet hookup (including access to the Saint Mary’s wireless network)
  • Kitchen appliances: full size refrigerators and stoves


Each complex is carpeted.

Floor Plans