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Learning and Living Communities (LLCs) are groups of first-year students who choose to live together because they share common interests and goals.

LLCs are optional programs that help students connect and grow during their first year of college. Each LLC is organized around a special theme. The three LLCs are hosted in Saint Edward's Hall, a co-ed residence for first-year students. Students can choose the best fit for themselves. 

Residence life and academic staff create special in-class and out-of-class activities to explore those themes and build leadership and camaraderie. Each LLC also has a course attached to it that fulfills the first-year Lasallian Core Tradition course requirement. The LLC members take this course together, building strong study habits, friendships, and relationships with their faculty advisers.

There are three LLCs for the 2016-17 academic year. Each LLC has its own course connections and own emphasis. The following is a list of the four LLCs.

Learning and Living Communities Application

An arts Learning and Living Community

This Learning and Living Community is designed for first-year students either enrolled in the School of the Arts or with a strong interest in the arts. ArtsAlive! will be the perfect outlet for your creative energies. You will be learning, creating, and collaborating with others who share your creative passion for one or more arts areas. The program will include expanded opportunities to both experience the arts and express yourself in collaboration with other community members. Come join us in this innovative, creative venture to maximize your Saint Mary's experience!

Students in this LLC register for LCT140K.

Faculty Adviser
Janet Heukeshoven, D.M.A.
Music - Professor

An experiential Learning and Living Community

This Learning and Living Community will explore the fascinating world of extreme athletes and the risks (real and perceived) they take. We will delve into the friendship, teamwork, loss, failure, triumph, and connection to nature that these athletes experience. This community will integrate academic skills, life skills, and attitudes to prepare learners for success in college and beyond. All majors and interests are welcome; you need not be an extreme athlete to join!

Students in this LLC register for LCT140F.

Faculty Adviser
Nathan Lien, Ph.D.
Chemistry - Assistant Professor

A global leadership Learning and Living Community

This Learning and Living Community welcomes men and women who are interested in issues related to sports on both the local and global levels. Both in and out of the classroom, learners will explore the fundamental aspects of sports, especially the realm of camaraderie and enthusiastic devotion. At the same time they will be exposed to interdisciplinary thinking (sociology, economics, theology, etc.).

We'll take interest in sports as a starting point for the core academic skills that lead to college and professional success. Programming will promote academic success, personal health and wellness, identity, teamwork, critical thinking, and global consciousness.

Students in this LLC register for LCT140C.

Faculty Adviser
Joseph Tadie, Ph.D.
Philosophy - Associate Professor

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning and Living Communities allow for immediate commonalities with other students in the community around you, so friendships can be more easily facilitated. These same individuals have differences and diversity which you will be able to learn and grow from.

Additional benefits range from the fact you will have built in study groups for courses connected with the Learning and Living Communities, to the fact that you will have chances to continually connect with instructors and faculty advisors who oversee the Learning and Living Communities.

Research shows LLC students have higher cumulative grade point averages (GPAs) and increased interaction with faculty.

First of all, you must be a first-year student. Each Learning and Living Community member is required to take the connected courses for a given Learning and Living Community. Once accepted, you will be registered for the specific course associated with your community. You will be encouraged to attend all programming related to this course and all continued programming the following semester as presented by your faculty advisers. This amount is well balanced, so as not to interfere with other activities, involvements, and courses.

No. All of the Learning and Living Communities are open to males and females. Each Learning and Living Community will have a diverse group of genders, backgrounds, and interests.

However, within Saint Edward's Learning and Living Center, in Saint Edward's Hall, students will be divided by gender. All male students will live on the first floor and all females will live on second floor.

Yes, you are still able to request a roommate by emailing the Office of Residence Life, at When you fill out the housing materials and you select the Learning and Living Communities program, you are still able to identify the roommate you would like to placed with. Make sure this roommate selects you, too, and applies to the community you both wish to be in.

No, the Learning and Living Communities cost the same amount as our traditional housing options for first-year students.

Faculty members will be involved through teaching the connected courses and working with a collaborative team of programmers for outside-the-classroom experiences based on the community's theme. This collaborative team is built with members of the faculty, the Office of Student Life, and the Student Success Center. Faculty members will also be involved as the advisers to each Learning and Living Community. Faculty involvement allows for strong connections with all LLC students.

No, all Learning and Living Communities are open to all majors. The diversity of interests makes each Learning and Living Community stronger.

Exact time commitments are specific to the LLC program you choose, but you can expect to spend at least an hour a month attending a scheduled activity. Contact the Residence Life Office if you have specific questions.

Apply for the Learning and Living Communities Program

If you are interested in applying for the Learning and Living Communities program, submit an application. If you have any questions, contact