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Post-Baccalaureate Survey

For the Class of 2014

Please complete the form below to provide us with information about your activities since you graduated. The information we are asking for is collected every year and is used a number of ways. The Admission Office uses the data to recruit new students, administrators use it in long and short range planning, and various state and national organizations use it to compare data from similar colleges and universities. We refer to the information when we work with current students on career development and job search issues. Your responses to this survey will be statistically interpreted. Your name will not appear on any report produced and the information will be held confidential. The only information we will share is if you indicate to us that you don't mind that we acknowledge you and where you are currently working or attending college. Thank you

Your Information
* Last Name
Maiden Name
* First Name
* Gender
* City
* State (& Country if outside US)
* Email Address
* 1st Declared Major
2nd Declared Major

Employment Information
* Please indicate your primary employment status?
  Employed Full-time (include FT paid internships)
Employed Part-time (include PT paid internships)
Volunteering Service-Long Term(e.g. Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, unpaid internships, etc.)
Serving in the Military
Not employed but continuing my education
Not employed, but currently seeking employment
Not employed, and not seeking employment
Employed Full-time and continuing my education
Employed Part-time and continuing my education
Did you complete an internship while at SMU?
  Yes - Internship for credit
Yes - Internship for no credit
If yes, did your internship lead to employment?

If employed/volunteering, please complete this section. If continuing your education, complete the following section.
Employer/Volunteer Agency
Job Title
State (& Country if outside US)
Does your position relate directly to your major field of study at SMU?
  Yes - somewhat relates
No - does not relate
Yes - definitely relates
* How satisfied are you with your position?
  Very Satisfied
Moderately Satisfied
Moderately Dissatisfied
Very Dissatisfied
Prefer not to disclose
* What is your annual salary?
  Under $20,000
$20,001 - $25,000
$25,001 - $30,000
$30,001 - $35,000
$35,001 - $40,000
$40,001 - $45,000
$45,001 - $50,000
Above $50,000
Prefer not to disclose

Continuing Education
If continuing your education, complete this section.
Are you continuing your education full-time or part-time?
State (& Country if outside the U.S.)
What is the name of your program?
What is the type of degree or certificate you seek?
  Doctorate (PhD)
Professional (JD, MD, or other)
Master's (MA, MBA., MSW, etc.)
Certificate (less than Master's)
Another Bachelor's Degree
What is your field of study?
  Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences/Mathematics
Health Services and Medicine
Humanities(English, Foreign Languages, etc.)
Information Technology
Law/Legal Studies
Social Sciences/Public Administration

Additional Information
* Did you utilize services provided by the Career Services & Internship Office?
Enter Letters For Verification
* Required Fields