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Internship Info & Paperwork

An internship: Don't leave school without one!

By participating in an internship, you can sharpen your skills, begin a network of employers contacts, assess your strengths, and test classroom theories in real work settings. There will never be a better time in your life to explore the varied challenges and opportunities available.

Whether you know what you want to do for your internship or not, this information will help you be successful in identifying a direction for your search, identifying a process for your search and following through with the required paperwork to earn academic credit.

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Before the Internship

During the Internship

After the Internship

Field Exploration Information

What is an internship?
At Saint Mary's University, an internship is defined as a planned work experience completed for academic credit, supervised by professionals in a "real work" atmosphere.

Internships can be full-time or part-time, completed during the summer or during the school year, local, national, or international, paid or volunteer. Because of the many options, the first thing you should do in considering an internship is talk to your faculty advisor about the possibility of you completing an internship as part of your education. The next step is to meet with the Director of Career Services & Internships, pick up the required paperwork and start your search in locating an internship that is appropriate for you.

Internships are arranged on an individual basis for students in a field compatible with their academic major, interests, skills, and career goals. Organizations such as IBM, Walt Disney World, St. Paul Police Department, Mayo Clinic, Fastenal and many others have teamed up with Saint Mary’s to provide students the opportunity to gain “hands-on” work experience before leaving college. Many participants opt to live at home and intern full-time for a semester. The program is flexible, however, and students can intern part-time as well and in a geographic location of their choice.

Students may locate internships on their own by contacting relatives, neighbors or friends who may know of or be employed by organizations interested in sponsoring student interns. Students are not permitted to develop internships in organizations where they would be working under the direct supervision of or in close proximity to a member of their immediate family. Other resources which students use in developing their own internships include the yellow pages of phone books, chambers of commerce directories and newspapers.