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Employer Survey

Undergraduate School of Education Employer Survey

The faculty in the School of Education at Saint Mary’s University takes teacher preparation seriously.  We know that improvement in our program is dependent on feedback from employers in the field who hire our teachers. We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to provide that feedback for us. 

General Information
* Name of teacher who is a Saint Mary's graduate
* Are you the graduate's supervisor?
  Yes     No    
* If no, what is your relationship to the graduate?

University & Program Specific Outcomes
Please use the following scale to rate the teacher on the standards below:
5 - Strongly Agree 4 - Agree 3 - No Opinion 2 - Disagree 1 - Strongly Disagree
* Know content and make it meaningful to students
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Understand how students learn
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Meet the needs of diverse learners
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Use a variety of instructional strategies
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Create a positive learning environment
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Communicate effectively in speech, writing, and with technology
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Plan effective instruction based on knowledge of the students
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Use formal and informal assessment to guide teaching and learning
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Reflect on performance and continue to improve and learn
  5     4     3     2     1    
* Collaborate effectively with others and build relationships
  5     4     3     1     5    

Open Ended & Overall Ratings
In what areas was the Saint Mary’s graduate best prepared?
In what areas could the Saint Mary’s graduate have been better prepared?
What trends or new developments in the field should be addressed in a degree program in this field?
How does the preparation of the Saint Mary’s graduate compare to others in the field?
What is your overall rating of the Saint Mary’s graduate’s competence as a teacher?
  Excellent     Average     Poor    
Given the opportunity, would you hire another graduate from a Saint Mary’s program?
  Yes     No    
Why or why not?
Please add any comments that can help us better prepare our teacher candidates

Thank you for your feedback and for helping us shape effective teachers.

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