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Social Science Department

Steven Schild, Ed.D.
Steven Schild
Communication - Associate Professor

(507) 457-1753

Steven Schild is a tenured Associate Professor of Social Science in the Mass Communication program at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota.

Before joining the Department of Social Science, Dr. Schild worked as a reporter, editor and photographer for three daily newspapers and one weekly. He also worked in public relations, winning awards for writing, editing and photography. His scholarly interests include censorship, online communications networks, and letters to the editor. Dr. Schild is also a published poet.

Courses Taught Recently at SMU
Reporting II
Contemporary Issues in Media Communications
Principles of Public Relations
Reporting Governmental Affairs
Lasallian Honors Program Capstone course

Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, 1999
M.A., English,Winona State University, Winona, MN, 1992
B.S., English, Winona State University, Winona, MN, 1977
A.A., Print Journalism, Rochester Community College, Rochester, MN, 1973

Teaching Experience
1990 to Present: Associate Professor in Social Science, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
1995-2004: Chaired, Media Communications Department Interdisciplinary Studies
1983-1992: Winona State University, adjunct faculty, Mass Communication Department
1990-1992: English Department Graduate Assistant
1984-1987: Mass Communication Department News Bureau Supervisor

Professional Experience
Member, Minnesota News Council (2004-present)
Organized, moderated just-war symposium, March 27, 2003, Saint Mary's University
Member, Winona Area Public Schools Curriculum Committee, 2002-Present
Member, Winona Cable Television Advisory Commission, 2002-Present
Paper reviewer for Small Programs Interest Group, Association for Educators in Journalism & Mass Communication, April, 2000
Organized “Obscenity, Pornography, Free Speech Forum,” 2000, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Member of Planning Committee for: “The Many Faces of Buddhism”, 2000 and “Islam: Sharing Traditions, Sharing Lives”, 1999
Volunteer newsletter consultant, Winona, MN, County Historical Society, 1999
Member, reader-review panel of The Courier, publication of the Winona Diocese, Spring, 1998
Accredited Member, Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society
Member, Habitat for Humanity--Winona County 1992-1993; chair of Public Relations Committee, member of Fund-Raising Committee
Member, Human Rights Committee, Winona Occupational Rehabilitation Center
Member, Citizens for Alternatives to Incineration, 1990-1992
Former Member, Winona Human Rights Commission
Judge,Communications Review, Pennsylvania Hospital Association’s Public Relations & Marketing Society, 1995
Judge, 1989 Communications Review, Ohio Hospital Public Relations & Marketing Society
Judge, 1989 Communications Review, Illinois Hospital Public Relations & Marketing Society

Academic and Professional Distinctions
Secretary, Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee (2005-2006 academic year)
Who's Who Among American Teachers, 2005
Nominee, Severin Award for Excellence in Teaching, Saint Mary's University, Winona, 2005
Chair, Saint Mary's University Faculty, 2003-2004 academic year
Chair, Media Communications Department, Saint Mary's University, Winona, 1995-2004
Who's Who Among American Teachers, 2004
Award of Excellence, Award of Merit, Minnesota League of Poets, 2002
Chair, Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee, Saint Mary's University, 2000-2002
Finalist, St. Paul Pioneer Press Year 2000 Community Columnist Competition
2000 Recipient of Faculty Development Grant, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
1996 Recipient of Bush Faculty Development Grant, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota "A Student/Faculty Collaboration to Enhance the Use of the World-Wide Web in Media Communications Courses"
Who's Who Among American Teachers, 1996
Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society Communications Review:
• 1991: Award of Merit, Writing
• 1990: Award of Excellence, Patient-Services Publication (copywriter)
• 1989: Award of Excellence, Judges' Choice Award, Best Ad Campaign (copywriter)
Award of Merit, External Magazine (editor)
• 1988: Award of Excellence, Photography; Award of Merit, Writing
Viterbo College, La Crosse, Wis.:
• 1990: Poetry Award, Touchstone Magazine
LaCrosse (WI)/Rochester (MN) Ad Club:
• 1990: Honorable Mention, Brochure (copywriter)
• 1989: Best Campaign of Show (copywriter); Best Regional or National Ad (copywriter)

April 2006: "A Case Study: Referendum Results Reflect Lack of Representativeness in Letters to the Editor," Western Social Science Association annual meeting, Phoenix, AZ

April 2005: "Winning the Opinion Page, Losing at the Polls," Western Social Science Association annual meeting, Albuquerque, NM

April, 2004: "What Keeps Lurkers Silent?" Western Social Science Association annual meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

Feb. 25, 2003: Read poetry during "An Evening of Words and Music" at Winona Arts Center, Winona, MN

May 2003: "The Party Line Online: An Oligarchy of Opinion on a Public-Affairs Listserve," presentation to Winona County Historical Society "Food for Thought" series, Winona, MN

April 2003: "Fighting About Civility: Disagreements about Participant Conduct on a Public-Affairs Listserve," Western Social Science Association annual meeting, Las Vegas, NV

April 2002: "Letters-to-the-Editor Policies and Their Impact on Readers' Perceptions of Objectivity," Western Social Science Association annual meeting, Reno, NV

October 2002: Poetry Reading, Winona Arts Center, Winona, MN

January 2001: Poetry reading, Commonweal Theatre, Lanesboro, MN

February 2001: Poetry reading, Winona Arts Center, Winona, MN

December 2000: Poetry reading, Micawber’s Bookstore, Minneapolis, MN

April 2001: "Letters to the Editor as a Reflection of Public Opinion," Western Social Science Association annual meeting, San Diego

October 2000: "To See Ourselves as Others See Us: Using Labels of Socioeconomic Class to Influence Public Opinion in Letters to the Editor," Annual Conference of Race, Gender and Class, New Orleans

October 1999: "Letters to the Editor as a Community Portrait," Winona County Historical Society's "Food for Thought" public-education series

April 1998: Poetry reading sponsored by Saint Mary's University English Department Club

October 1997: Poetry reading, Cornucopia Arts Center, Lanesboro, MN

October 1992: Media-relations seminar, School District 861 Community Education staff

1990-1992: Presentations for Citizens for Alternatives to Incineration to the Winona County Board, the Winona City Council, and the Winona County Solid Waste Task Force

Spring 2007: Poetry in Out of Line (anthology), Trenton, OH

"Watching the Invisible Disappear," Star-Tribune of Minneapolis, Aug. 13, 2006; an essay about changing land-use policies in southeastern Minnesota

Poetry in Key Ingredients chapbook published in conjunction with a joint project of the Smithsonian Institution and the Minnesota Humanities Commission, 2006

"The Party Line Online: An Oligarchy of Opinion on a Public-Affairs Listerve," Journalism Communications Monograph series of the Association for Journalism and Mass Communication, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2005

April 24, 2005, Winona (MN) Daily News: "Freedom for words that may offend" (op-ed piece about free speech)

Poetry in Out of Line (anthology), Trenton, OH, Spring 2006

Poetry in White Pelican Review, Lakeland, FL, Spring 2005

Poetry in Witness, an anthology published by Serengeti Press, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, November 2004

May 12, 2004, Winona (MN) Daily News: "Online discussion on divisive topics has mixed success" (summary of research about Winona Online Democracy, an online discussion group)

July 2004, St. Paul Pioneer Press: "Letter limits hurt readers" (letter to the editor about 200-word limit on letters to the editor)

February 2004, Winona (MN) Daily News: "School board broke the law," (op-ed piece about using e-mail to break Minnesota's open-meeting law)

Poetry in The Talking Stick, 2003, Vol. 12, Menagha, MN

August 10, 2003, Winona (MN) Daily News: "Good journalism requires balance, objectivity," (critique written at the newspaper's request of its coverage of Wal-Mart's plan to open a supercenter in Winona)

April 2003, Winona (MN) Daily News: "Pawlenty Budget Proposals May Be Harmful to Your Health."
Poetry in Elysian Fields Quarterly Fall, 2003

"Letters to the Editor: What Do They Really Mean?," Minnesota School Boards Association Journal, September/October 2000

Poetry in 33 Minnesota Poets, an anthology by Nodin Press, Minneapolis, MN, December 2000

Poetry in Poetry Motel, a literary magazine based in Duluth, MN, Summer 2001

Co-authored "Uncommon Valor: Three Winona Marines at Iwo Jima," newsletter of the Winona County Historical Society, March/April 2000

Poetry in ArtWord Quarterly, White Bear Lake, MN, Winter 1999

Poetry in 1998 Minnesota Poetry Calendar

"The Liberal Arts and the Daily News," Approaches to Liberal Education, Winona, MN, December 1997

Poetry in ArtWord Quarterly, White Bear Lake, MN, Summer 1997

Poetry in Apocalypse, Cleveland, OH, Spring 1997

Poetry in Java Snob Review, Bellevue, MI, Summer 1997

Poetry in ArtWord Quarterly, White Bear Lake, MN, Autumn 1996

Poetry in Rag Mag, Goodhue, MN, January 1996

Edited Connections newsletter for Center for Faculty Development, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Big River newsletter, Winona, MN; published restaurant review September 1994

Poetry in anthology by Arts & Academic Press, Boulder, CO, Summer 1994

Poetry in Whiskey Island Magazine, Cleveland (Ohio) State University, Fall 1994

Commerce Now, a La-Crosse, Wis.-based business monthly; published articles in October 1993 (Arbitration: Finding a Path Through Impasse); August 1993 (Money to Grow On: Entrepreneurs Share Advice); March 1992 (The Evolution of Regional Health Care); October 1991 (Americans with Disabilities Act: What Will It Cost?)

Poetry in Loonfeather, Bemidji, MN, Summer 1990

Poetry in Touchstone, La Crosse, WI, 1990