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About SMU
Academic Advising (Undergraduate College)
Academic Affairs (Undergraduate College)
Academic Calendar (Advanced Degree Programs)
Academic Calendar (Degree Completion Programs)
Academic Calendar (Undergraduate College)
Academic Skills Center (Undergraduate College)
Academics (University-wide)
Academics (Advanced Degree Programs)
Academics (Degree Completion Programs)
Academics (Undergraduate College)
Accounting (B.S.)
Accounting (Undergraduate Certificate)
Accounting (Undergraduate Major)
Actuarial Science (Undergraduate Major)
Admission (Advanced Degree Programs)
Admission (Degree Completion Programs)
Admission (Undergraduate College)
Admission Events (Undergraduate College)
Advanced Degree Programs
Adult (Recreational) Programming (Winona Campus)
Alumni Events
Alumni Home
Alumni Magazine
Annual Report
AP, CLEP, or IBP Credits (Undergraduate Special Program)
Apple Valley Center
Areas of Study (Advanced Degree Programs)
Areas of Study (Degree Completion Programs)
Areas of Study (Undergraduate College)
Art & Design Department (Undergraduate College)
Art (Undergraduate Minor)
Art Studio (Undergraduate Major)
Arts and Cultural Management (M.A.)
Athletics (Undergraduate College)

Barnes & Noble Bookstores
Best Practices Academy
Biochemistry (Undergraduate Major)
Biology (Undergraduate Major)
Biology (Undergraduate Minor)
Biology Department (Undergraduate College)
Biophysics (Undergraduate Major)
Brother William Mann, FSC, President
Business (B.S.)
Business Department (Undergraduate College)
Business Intelligence & Analytics (Undergraduate Major)
Business Office

Campus Ministry (Undergraduate College)
Campus Safety
Campus Safety (Undergraduate College)
Canon Law (Graduate Certificate)
Cardinal Student Newspaper (Undergraduate College)
Careers at Saint Mary's (Office of Human Services)
Career Services & Internships (Undergraduate College)
Chemistry (Undergraduate Major)
Chemistry (Undergraduate Minor)
Chemistry Department (Undergraduate College)
Chemistry Science Education (Undergraduate Major)
Christ the Teacher Institute for Education
Christian Brothers University
Class Giving
Classroom Technology (Winona Campus)
College Assessment (Undergraduate College)
Commencement - Twin Cities Campus (Advanced Degree Programs)
Commencement - Winona Campus (Advanced Degree Programs)
Commencement (Degree Completion Programs)
Commencement (Undergraduate College)
Communication & Marketing
Computer Science (Undergraduate Major)
Computer Science Department (Undergraduate College)
Conferencing & Camps Office
Counseling & Psychological Services (M.A.)
Course Catalog (Undergraduate College)
Course Catalog & Handbook (Advanced Degree)
Course Catalog & Handbook (Degree Completion)
Criminal Justice - Corrections Track (Undergraduate Major)
Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Track (Undergraduate Major)
Criminal Justice (Undergraduate Minor)
Criminal Justice Program (Undergraduate College)
Current Students, Faculty & Staff, Information for (Inside Pages)
Cytogenetic Technology (Undergraduate Major)
Cytotechnology (Undergraduate Major)

Dance (Undergraduate Minor)
De La Salle Language Institute
Degree Completion Programs
Degrees & Programs
Development Office
Digital Graphic Design
Directory (Faculty & Staff)
Disability Services (Advanced Degree Programs)
Disability Services (Degree Completion Programs)
Disability Services (Undergraduate College)
Disc Golf Course (Winona Campus)
Doctor of Education in Leadership (Advanced Degree Programs)
Dorms/Residence Halls (Undergraduate College)

E-Business Technology (Undergraduate Major)
Economics (Undergraduate Minor)
Education (M.A.)
Education (Wisconsin) (M.A.)
Education, School of (Advanced Degree)
Education, School of (Undergraduate)
Educational Administration (Ed.S.) (Director of Special Education, K-12 Principal, Superintendent)
Educational Leadership (M.A.)
Electronic Publishing (Undergraduate Major)
Electronic Publishing (Undergraduate Minor)
Elementary Education K-6 (Undergraduate Major)
Elementary Education K-8 - Communication Arts & Literature (Undergraduate Major)
Elementary Education K-8 - Mathematics (Undergraduate Major)
Elementary Education K-8 - Science (Undergraduate Major)
Elementary Education K-8 - Social Science (Undergraduate Major)
Elementary Education K-8 - Spanish (Undergraduate Major)
Emergency Notification
Employment (Office of Human Resources)
English & Law (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
English - See Literature (Undergraduate Major)
English (Undergraduate Minor)
English Department (Undergraduate College)
English Education (Undergraduate Major)
English Language Bridging Program (Undergraduate College)
English Language Proficiency (Undergraduate Certificate)
Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate Major)
Entrepreneurship (Undergraduate Minor)
Environmental Biology (Undergraduate Major)
Environmental Biology (Undergraduate Minor)
ESL Program (Undergraduate College)
Events, Admission (Undergraduate College)

Faculty/Staff Directory
Fast Facts
Finance (Undergraduate Major)
Financial Affairs Office
Financial Aid (Advanced Degree Programs)
Financial Aid (Bachelor Completion Programs)
Financial Aid (Undergraduate College)
Fitzgerald Library (Winona Campus)
Food Services (Undergraduate College)
Freshman Profile (Undergraduate College)

General Business (Undergraduate Minor)
General Counsel Office
General Education Program (Undergraduate College)
Geographic Information Science (Graduate Certificate)
Geographic Information Science (M.S.)
GeoSpatial Services - Institutes & Affiliates
Geospatial Technology (Professional Certificate)
Gifted Inclusive Education (GIE) Graduate Certificate Program
Giving Online
Giving Opportunities
Global Studies (Undergraduate Major)
Global Studies (Undergraduate Minor)
Graduate Professional Development for Educators
Graduate Programs
Graduate School of Business (Advanced Degree Programs)
Graduate School of Education (Advanced Degree Programs)
Graduate School of Health & Human Services (Advanced Degree Programs)
Graduation - Twin Cities Campus (Advanced Degree Programs)
Graduation - Winona Campus (Advanced Degree Programs)
Graduation - Winona Campus (Undergraduate College)
Graduation (Degree Completion Programs)
Graphic Design (Undergraduate Major)
Green Initiatives

Handbook, Student (Advanced Degree Programs)
Handbook, Student (Degree Completion Programs)
Handbook, Student (Undergraduate College)
Health and Human Services Administration (M.A.)
Health Services (Undergraduate College)
Health Insurance (Advanced Degree Programs)
Health Insurance (Degree Completion Programs)
Health Insurance (Undergraduate College)
HelpDesk (iT Support)
Hendrickson Forum
Hendrickson Institute for Ethical Leadership
History (Undergraduate Major)
History (Undergraduate Minor)
History Department (Undergraduate College)
History/Social Science (Undergraduate Major)
Honors Program (Undergraduate College)
Housing (Undergraduate College)
Human Development (M.A.)
Human Resource Management (B.S.)
Human Resource Management (M.A.)
Human Resources, Office of
Human Services (B.S.)
Human Services (Undergraduate Major)
Human Services Program (Undergraduate College)

IHM Seminary Philosophy (Undergraduate Major)
Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary
Industrial Technology (B.S.)
Information Technology (B.S.)
Information Technology (iT HelpDesk)
Information Technology Management (M.S.)
Inside Pages (for internal users)
Institute for Lasallian Studies
Institute in Pastoral Ministries
Institutes & Affiliates
Institutional Research
Instruction (Graduate Certificate)
Instruction (M.A.)
Instructional Technology (Winona Campus)
International Business - Twin Cities (M.A.)
International Business (Undergraduate Major)
International Students (Advanced Degree Programs)
International Students (Degree Completion Programs)
International Students (Undergraduate College)
Internships & Field Exploration (Undergraduate College)
Investors' Report
iT Support (HelpDesk)

Jobs at Saint Mary's (Office of Human Resources)
Journalism (Undergraduate Major)
Journalism (Undergraduate Minor)

K-12 Reading Teacher (Graduate Certificate)
Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies

Lasallian Core Traditions Program (Undergraduate General Education)
Lasallian Education
Lasallian Honors Program (Undergraduate Special Program)
Leadership (Ed.D.)
Library (Twin Cities Campus)
Library (Winona Campus)
Library & Writing Center (Degree Completion Programs)
Life Sciences Education (Undergraduate Major)
Literacy Education (M.A.)
Literature (Undergraduate Major)
Literature with Writing Emphasis (Undergraduate Major)
Liturgy (Saint Thomas More Chapel, Winona)

Magazine (Alumni Publication)
Management - Entrepreneurship Track (Undergraduate Major)
Management - Human Resources Track (Undergraduate Major)
Management - Sport Management Track (Undergraduate Major)
Management (M.A.)
Mann, FSC, Brother William (President)
Marketing (B.S.)
Marketing (Undergraduate Major)
Marketing & Communication Office
Marriage & Family Therapy (M.A.)
Marriage and Family Therapy (Graduate Certificate)
Maryknoll Institute of African Studies
Mass (Saint Thomas More Chapel, Winona)
Mass Communication Program (Undergraduate College)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Mathematics (Undergraduate Major)
Mathematics (Undergraduate Minor)
Mathematics Education (Undergraduate Major)
Mathematics/Statistics Department (Undergraduate College)
MBS Direct bookstore (Off-site SGPP programs)
Media Contacts
Medical Technology (Undergraduate Major)
Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts
Minnetonka Center
Mission & Vision
Mission Office
Modern/Classical Language Department (Undergraduate College)
Music (Undergraduate Major)
Music (Undergraduate Minor)
Music Department (Undergraduate College)
Music Education - Classroom & Instrumental Track (Undergraduate Major)
Music Education - Classroom & Vocal Track (Undergraduate Major)
Music Industry - Business Track (Undergraduate Major)
Music Industry - Technology Track (Undergraduate Major)
Music Performance (Undergraduate Major)

News & Events
Nuclear Medicine Technology (Undergraduate Major)
Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.)
Nursing (B.S.)

Offices & Services
Organizational Leadership (M.A.)

PACC: Program for Advanced College Credit (Undergraduate Special Program)
Page Theatre (Winona Campus)
Parents (Undergraduate College)
Pastoral & Youth Ministry (Undergraduate Major)
Pastoral Ministries (M.A.)
Pastoral Ministries (Professional Certificate)
People Directory (Faculty & Staff)
Performance Center (Winona Campus)
Philanthropy & Development (M.A.)
Philosophy (Undergraduate Major)
Philosophy (Undergraduate Minor)
Philosophy Department (Undergraduate College)
Physics (Undergraduate Major)
Physics (Undergraduate Minor)
Physics Department (Undergraduate College)
Physics Science Education (Undergraduate Major)
Physics with Engineering Science Emphasis (Undergraduate Major)
Physics with Life Science Emphasis (Undergraduate Major)
Police Science (B.S.)
Political Science - American/International Politics (Undergraduate Major)
Political Science - Public Administration/Public Policy Track (Undergraduate Major)
Political Science (Undergraduate Minor)
Political Science Program (Undergraduate College)
Pre-Chemical Engineering (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Dentistry (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Law (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Medicine (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Physical Therapy (Undergraduate Major)
President's Office
Press Releases
Pre-Theology (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
Pre-Veterinary Science (Undergraduate Pre-Professional Program)
Privacy Policy
Professional Development Initiatives for Educators
Project Management (Graduate Certificate)
Project Management (M.S.)
PSEO: Post Secondary Enrollment Options (Undergraduate Special Program)
Psychology (Undergraduate Major)
Psychology (Undergraduate Minor)
Psychology Department (Undergraduate College)
Public Relations (Undergraduate Major)
Public Relations (Undergraduate Minor)
Public Safety Administration (M.A.)

Quick Facts

Recognition & Awards
Registrar's Office
Religious Education (Undergraduate Major)
Residence Halls (Undergraduate College)
Residence Life (Undergraduate College)
Reunion Giving
Rochester Center
Row, Ride, Run Triathlon

Safety & Security (Advanced Degree Programs)
Safety & Security (Degree Completion Programs)
Safety & Security (Undergraduate College)
Saint Mary's Fund
Saint Mary's Magazine (Alumni Publication)
Saint Teresa Leadership & Service Institute for Women
Sales & Marketing (B.S.)
Scholarships (Undergraduate College)
School of Business, Graduate (Advanced Degree Programs)
School of Education (Undergraduate College)
School of Education, Graduate (Advanced Degree Programs)
School of Health & Human Services, Graduate (Advance Degree Programs)
School of Professional Programs (Degree Completion Programs)
Scientific Computing (Undergraduate Minor)
Secondary Education (Undergraduate Major)
Social Science (Undergraduate Major)
Social Science Department (Undergraduate College)
Social Studies Education (Undergraduate Major)
Sociology (Undergraduate Major)
Sociology (Undergraduate Minor)
Sociology Program (Undergraduate College)
Spanish (Undergraduate Major)
Spanish (Undergraduate Minor)
Spanish Education (Undergraduate Major)
Special Education (M.A.)
Special Programs (Undergraduate College)
Sport Business (Undergraduate Minor)
Sports (Undergraduate College)
Staff/Faculty Directory
Statistics (Undergraduate Minor)
Student Activities (Undergraduate College)
Student Development (Undergraduate College)
Student Handbook (Undergraduate College)
Student Handbook & Course Catalog (Advanced Degree)
Student Handbook & Course Catalog (Degree Completion)
Student Life (Undergraduate College)
Student Life & Housing (Advance Degree Programs)
Student Life & Housing (Degree Completion Programs)
Student Newspaper, The Cardinal (Undergraduate College)
Student Organizations (Undergraduate College)
Student Right to Know (Advanced Degree Programs)
Student Right to Know (Degree Completion Programs)
Student Right to Know (Undergraduate College)
Student Services (Advanced Degree Programs)
Student Services (Degree Completion Programs)
Study Abroad (Undergraduate College)
Surgical Technology (Undergraduate Certificate)

Teaching & Learning (M.Ed.)
Teaching & Learning Jamaica (M.Ed.)
The Woods Disc Golf Course (Winona Campus)
Theatre Arts (Undergraduate Major)
Theatre Arts (Undergraduate Minor)
Theatre & Dance Department (Undergraduate College)
Theology (Undergraduate Major)
Theology (Undergraduate Minor)
Theology Department (Undergraduate College)
Tools for Learning (Undergraduate College)
Transcript Requests (Advanced Degree Programs)
Transcript Requests (Degree Completion Programs)
Transcript Requests (Undergraduate College)
Transfer Students (Undergraduate College)
Tuition & Fees (Undergraduate College)
Tuition & Financial Aid (Advanced Degree Programs)
Tuition & Financial Aid (Degree Completion Programs)
Tuition & Financial Aid (Undergraduate College)
Twin Cities Campus

Undergraduate Home (Undergraduate College)

Veterans Benefits (Undergraduate College)
Veterans Services (Advanced Degree Programs)
Veterans Services (Degree Completion Programs)
Virtual Visit (Undergraduate College)
Visit a campus or center
Visit/Tour Campus (Undergraduate College)
Visitors Home

WebMail (gmail)
Wellness Center (Undergraduate College)
Winona Campus
Winona Campus Weather (streaming video)
Woods Disc Golf Course, The (Winona Campus)
Writing Center (Winona Campus)
Writing Center & Library (Degree Completion Programs)
Writing Centers & Libraries (Advanced Degree Programs)

Young Alumni Program
Youth Programs & Camps (Winona Campus)