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Lasallian & Catholic

What is Lasallian & Catholic?

We are a Catholic university that prepares graduates with a distinctive identity in fidelity to the Church’s mission in service of the Good News of the Gospel and with a world vision rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition: a belief in the presence of the divine in all created reality; an appreciation of and thirst for truth and knowledge; an understanding of the unity of faith and reason; a profound reverence for the self, the other and all of creation; a respect for all human life and protection of the vulnerable; the celebration of community and sacrament; a commitment to the issues of peace, justice, solidarity, and human equality; and a desire to serve the common good.

We are a Lasallian Catholic university that is a living expression of the vision of John Baptist de La Salle, inspirational 17th century educational innovator, patron saint of teachers and founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers; excellent quality education; respect for the dignity of all individuals; inclusive and participatory community; interiority; accessibility; civility; innovation; belief in the presence of a benevolent God; an ecumenical and inter-religious openness; solidarity with the poor; and advocacy for those suffering from injustices. We do this as a proud partner with 1,000 schools, agencies and universities that constitute the worldwide Lasallian educational network.