COVID-19 Vaccination

Now that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has fully approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination on Aug. 23, Saint Mary’s University expects all students, faculty, staff to be vaccinated, unless an exemption is filed. The decision to require vaccinations upon FDA approval was announced to the entire Saint Mary’s community on Aug. 4.

The expectation is that all individuals will provide proof of vaccination or file a medical or non-medical exemption. Saint Mary’s has expanded its health services system, previously utilized only for College students on the Winona Campus, for purposes of filing proof of vaccination or exemption for all students, faculty, and staff. Individuals will utilize the self-service portal to upload proof of vaccination or access and upload forms certifying an exemption.

The university expects all students, faculty, and staff to comply with the above requirement no later than Friday, Oct. 8. As communicated, an exemption may be filed based on medical or non-medical reasons. Information on the process for proof of vaccination or for filing an exemption are below and posted in the health portal. You can also view updated Q&As.

While technically any of the vaccines meets the vaccination requirement, as a Lasallian Catholic university, it is important to offer the guidance and the perspective of the Catholic Church on vaccines. As such, the following resources may be helpful:

We want to be together this fall. We have been informed by the Minnesota Department of Health that having 85%-90% of our community vaccinated will allow us to continue a safe, uninterrupted, and personalized academic experience.

We will continue to follow these safety protocols:

  • Observe physical distancing of 6 feet.
  • Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.
  • Self-screen for symptoms on a daily basis.
  • Show respect and kindness for one another.

We, as a strong and resilient community, use the phrase “Together, We Are Saint Mary’s” to emphasize our responsibility and connection to one another. It has and will continue to take effort, patience, and commitment by all of us to deliver the best educational experience possible. We remain steadfast and resilient, and we remain together.

How to Submit

Saint Mary’s University has launched a health portal for all students, faculty, and staff to file proof of vaccination or to file an exemption (required forms are available through the portal). The health portal opened Sept. 1.

Log in to the health portal

This portal is FERPA and HIPAA compliant. Faculty, staff, and students can use their Saint Mary’s username and password to log in. This is the same portal the College has used for other vaccinations and health records. College students who have previously filed this information do not need to complete it again.

All documentation related to this process will be managed through the health portal. Individuals are required to file proof of vaccination or a completed exemption by Friday, Oct. 8.

To submit proof of vaccination:

  1. Select “My Forms” and then click “COVID-19 Immunization History.”
  2. Select the type of vaccination and date(s) received.
  3. Upload an image of your vaccination card (i.e., a picture from your phone).
  4. Click “Submit.”

To file an exemption:

  1. Select “My Forms” and then click “COVID-19 Immunization History.”
  2. Access forms to obtain a medical or non-medical exemption.
  3. Upload completed forms (i.e., a picture from your phone).
    1. Medical exemptions will require a doctor’s statement.
    2. Non-medical exemptions will require a notarized signature.
  4. Click “Submit.”

Please reference the COVID-19 website for additional information and resources, including:

  • Information on obtaining the vaccine
  • How to replace a lost vaccine card
  • Information on exemptions

If you have difficulty accessing the portal or uploading a document, contact the HelpDesk at Other questions can be directed to