Shannon Cisewski Ed.D.

Shannon Cisewski, Ed.D.

Associate Program Director
Ed.D. in Leadership
Core Associate Professor

Brother Louis Hall, BLH 223    |    Campus Box: # 28
(612) 238-4518   |

  • Courses Taught Recently at Saint Mary's

    Theories of Adult Learning, Systematic Instructional Design, Introduction to Research, Techniques for Research, Qualitative Research Design and Methods, Organization Learning, Leadership and Strategic Management, Quantitative Decision Making

  • Education
    B.S. in Business Administration, Winona State University 
    MBA, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 
    Ed.D. in Leadership, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
  • Experience

    Dr. Shannon K. Cisewski has over twenty-five years of experience in teaching, research, and higher education administration. She has taught business, management and leadership courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in face-to-face, blended, and online formats. Dr. Cisewski serves on Ed.​D.​ and DBA Dissertation committees. She worked in the corporate environment for over 13 years and was also a business consulting firm owner. Dr. Cisewski currently serves in various leadership roles in academic affairs including the Associate Director, Ed.​D.​ in Leadership Program and member of the Academic Integrity Committee.

    Dr. Cisewski also participated in the Maryknoll Institute for African Studies (MIAS) and presented her ethnographic research paper at the 11th Annual Mentoring Conference, "Mentoring in the Luyia Culture: Elder's Roles in Mentoring (Socializing) Young People." (2018). The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching. Volume 2, October 2018 Special Issue. University of New Mexico-Albuquerque. Dr. Cisewski also co wrote and co presented papers with colleagues including Oyebola, and Cisewski, "To Mentor or Not: The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Mentoring to Mentors." (2019) The Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching. Volume 2, October 2019 Special Issue.

    Dr. Cisewski has also participated in several Lasallian formation opportunities including Lasallian Mission Days, International Lasallian Research Symposiums, Lasallian Book Club, International Lasallian Days of Peace, Lasallian Women of Hope, Lasallian Summer Retreat and the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies. Dr. Cisewski is a member of the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque Mentoring Institute and her research interests include team building, cross-cultural exchanges, mentoring, leadership and entrepreneurship.