Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement

In our continuing efforts to bridge the equity gaps that exist nationally throughout our schools, organizations, and communities, Saint Mary’s University has created the Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement (CCRE).

The center — facilitated by Saint Mary’s education professionals and partners — provides data-based, customized professional development, youth-focused equity leadership, and a variety of other consulting services.

These services can benefit a variety of sectors (schools, organizations, businesses, and communities) in the areas of culturally responsive engagement and inclusion. Our philosophy and services support organizational and educational leaders and learners using a person-centered, relationship-based approach.

Utilizing research-based strategies that promote growth and development, including essential social-emotional and intellectual components, we provide a holistic approach to professional development. Future-focused action planning will lead individuals and teams to make powerful, positive change together.

We benefit you by….

  • Providing equity-focused professional development that is meaningful and engaging, with learning outcomes tailored especially to your organization’s goals, strengths and challenges.
  • Engaging all voices within supportive learning environments where all perspectives are encouraged and honored.
  • Modeling practical strategies focused on diversity, inclusion, and intercultural competence.
  • Bridging cultures through the use of creative expression and interaction that engage individuals of various learning styles and cultural backgrounds.
  • Facilitating opportunities for self-reflection, intentional dialogue, and community engagement.
  • Promoting equitable leadership, organizational effectiveness and transformative change.

Our unique services include:

  • Curriculum development, climate analysis, and equity audits
  • Policy review
  • Diversity and inclusion plans
  • Facilitated dialogue
  • Workshops and retreats
  • Professional book studies
  • Equity team development
  • Youth Equity Solutions (YES!) youth leadership teams
  • Youth Action Retreats and leadership development

Connect With Us

Teresa Taylor, Ed.D.

Executive Director, Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement

LaSalle Hall-TC Campus, LSH172

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4573

Meet Teresa Taylor
Teresa Taylor Ed.D.