Founded to Provide Lasallian Formation and Accompaniment

The Institute for Lasallian Studies provides support to members of the regional and international Lasallian families.

The Institute will offer master's-level and doctoral-level degree programs, as well as certificates, designed to serve the needs of those working in Lasallian ministries around the world. In addition, the Institute anticipates hosting retreats and workshops on emerging issues of special concern to members of the Lasallian family.

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International Symposium on Lasallian Research

Axis: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education

The Institute for Lasallian Studies consists of two inaugural programs:

M.A. in Lasallian Leadership

Lead your school or organization forward — this progressive program combines Lasallian formation and organizational leadership.

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M.A. in Lasallian Leadership

Doctor of Education in Leadership

This doctoral program (with contextual electives in Lasallian Studies) prepares participants to manage people, lead departments, and serve as top-level executives.

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Ed.D. in Education Leadership

While the Institute for Lasallian Studies (ILS) was initially formed in 2008 “to provide Lasallian formation and accompaniment to members of the regional and international Lasallian Family,” its focus has subsequently evolved. The Director of the Institute for Lasallian Studies continues to remain the person primarily responsible for the implementation of the initial goal of the institute, but the Advisory Board of ILS is the body that views the whole of the functioning of the activities and initiatives of ILS as envisaged by the President in 2011 and provides advice and counsel to the President of Saint Mary’s University on such.

Members of the ILS Advisory Board are:

Timothy Gossen

Alisa Macksey
(Vice Chair and Secretary)

Roxanne Eubank

Ben Murray

Brother Robert Smith, FSC

While IALU promotes and fosters research collaboration among Lasallian researchers in strategic areas, these themes certainly must not preclude the pursuit of other lines of research according to the individual missions and visions of IALU member institutions. For the period 2013 to 2018, the following are the IALU strategic research themes. 
  1. Food, Nutrition and Health (e.g. biochemistry of food products, science and engineering of potable water, cancer risks and cures from food, economic impact studies of nutrition programs in schools) 
  2. Sustainability and the Environment (e.g. dealing with climate change, eco-design of houses and urban centers, industrial ecology, air and water quality monitoring in megacities) 
  3. Education and Learning Innovations (e.g. access to education among the poor, impact of use of tablets for learning math and science, coping mechanisms among children with learning disabilities, predicting the academic emotions of young learners based on physiological signals)

Lasallians in the World Solving Real Problems of the World: Research Agenda of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) Revised


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