Celebrating #300

Saint Mary’s University joined Lasallians across the globe in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the death of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of educators and founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers.

The Holy See declared 2019 a jubilee year in honor of De La Salle and his life’s work of making a quality and relevant education accessible to all students, especially the poor.

In addition to recognizing the anniversary of De La Salle’s death, the jubilee celebrated the impact of the mission he started. The Lasallian mission is present in 80 countries around the world, with 4,000 De La Salle Christian Brothers and 90,000 Lasallian Partners serving 1 million young people in 1,000 educational ministries. Saint Mary’s University — as one of 65 Lasallian higher education institutions — is one small portion of a global Lasallian network of dedicated educators.

Today, Brothers and Lasallian partners work together and by association to create communities that demonstrate diversity, human dignity, and virtue and that provide transformative experiences that are innovative and holistic. A number of events are planned in celebration of our heritage.

Ignite 300 grants

Saint Mary's University, in honor of the 300-year anniversary, has announced the Ignite 300 Mini Grant Program.

The Ignite 300 Mini Grant Program encourages innovative research within our community by incorporating an appreciation for the Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher. These mini grants are designed to assist faculty in conducting original research that may be pilot in nature or to further a strand of current research efforts. 

Grant Information

The Song de la Salle

"The Song de La Salle," is an original — performed by Saint Mary's University and Immaculate Heart of Mary students Isaiah Lippert, guitar and lead vocal; Riley Becher, backup vocal; Timothy Welch, harmonica; and Nathan Budde, djembe. The winners of this years talent contest, held in honor of the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle's death, recorded the song in Studio 'S' at Saint Mary's.

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