Internal Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

Lasallian Mission Days

The Lasallian Mission Days program is an opportunity for faculty and staff to learn more about many aspects of our Lasallian mission --- from the life and times of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the development of the international Lasallian educational mission, service to the poor, Lasallian spirituality, the Christian Brothers worldwide and at Saint Mary’s, and the history of Saint Mary’s University.  The group will meet for four hours each day, for four days, and is for new members of the university community as well as for those who would like to know more about our Lasallian mission today.  The Lasallian Mission Days program is for faculty and staff.

Lasallian Summer Retreat

This three-day retreat with Lasallian scholar Brother Jack Curran, Manhattan College, will explore the themes of Lasallian Higher Education.  This experience will enhance participants awareness of and contributions to contemporary understandings of the Lasallian heritage for higher education and explore concepts of “mission, salvation, and association” in the Lasallian Catholic higher education context.    The summer retreat is offered to faculty and staff.

International Symposium on Lasallian Research

This yearly symposium gathers creative minds to dialogue about the key characteristics or key areas that comprise the field of Lasallian research today, look beyond a study solely of the origins, tradition, and heritage in Lasallian research, break open the possibilities for Lasallian research in the 21st-Century, and propose avenues or topics for future needed Lasallian research.  The goal is also to develop a community of scholars committed to supporting, conducting, and publishing Lasallian research. International Symposium on Lasallian Research.

External Opportunities for Faculty and Staff

The Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies, a three-year residential course of study that meets for two weeks each summer, is an intensive Lasallian formation and education program that studies the life and work of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and the origins of the Lasallian mission.  Through analysis of the writings of De la Salle and an analysis of some modern educators, participants deepen their understanding of the Lasallian heritage and its influence on contemporary education.  Participation in the Buttimer Institute is open to faculty and staff.

The IALU Leadership Program, a two-week seminar held annually in Rome, Italy, brings together professors at Lasallian colleges and universities to deepen understanding of and commitment to Lasallian partnership by study of the Lasallian charism, the Catholic intellectual tradition, and the international Lasallian educational network.  The IALU program is specifically designed for university faculty and administrators.

The Brother John Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice is a new formation program that focuses on our Lasallian heritage in light of contemporary realities.  The thematic areas covered will be:  Lasallian Story and Vision; Lasallian Service to the Poor and the Promotion of Social Justice; and Lasallian Spirituality, Vocation and Association. A capstone project is expected of all participants. The program will be conducted on a two year cycle (July 2017-March 2019), and consists of five in-person gatherings and four online sessions.  The Johnston Institute of Contemporary Lasallian Practice is designed for faculty and staff.

The Lasallian Social Justice Institute, an annual one-week workshop held in different locations around the country, attempts to ground participants experientially, practically, and spiritually in the Catholic social teachings on social justice and in the preferential option for the poor that is a hallmark of Lasallian identity.  LSJI 2017 will address issues of immigration (El Paso, Texas).  The LSJI is open to faculty and staff.

Collegium seminars bring together scholars interested in exploring aspects of the Catholic intellectual tradition, and their role in the mission of Catholic higher education.  This opportunity rotates on a yearly basis between The College of Holy Cross, Saint John’s University, MN, and the University of Portland.  Further information and a description of the week-long program are available by going to  The Collegium seminars are designed for faculty and university leaders.

For more information visit the Christian Brothers Conference website.

External Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

The La Salle Summer Program on Leadership and Global Understanding brings together Lasallian students from different countries to discuss systemic and social problems throughout the world. Students are able to connect with peers from throughout the world, while at the same time addressing problems that they face in their local, national, and international lives. Furthermore, students receive firsthand accounts about life, politics, culture, and other aspects of the many different countries that are represented at the conferences. These objectives are addressed in various ways such as international and national country projects, international culture nights, trips, presentations, and leadership building exercises. 
In today’s world, the importance of global understanding, acceptance, and cooperation is increasingly important for not only governments, but also for ordinary every day citizens. As one of its main goals, the conference brings international students together so that they may better understand each other and be prepared for the future. We live in a world where our everyday lives are affected by the actions of people who may not live in our immediate region, or even country. If we are to be truly effective leaders, there must be a level of mutual understanding and cooperation.
We hope that participants of this program will build their leadership skills in a Lasallian context, and upon their return, we count on participants to become sparks that will ignite and sustain the Lasallian community in the future. During their time together in the program, our student participants will work amongst themselves to develop a project that could be executed once their return home. In fact, the expansion of this program to encompass the entirety of the Lasallian network is a goal that was first outlined in the Beauvais edition of the program.
The La Salle Summer Program is the only student-oriented international leadership conference in the world with a shared Lasallian focus. The five core principles of Lasallians are education, concern for the poor and social justice, faith in the presence of God, quality education, respect for all persons, and inclusive community, inform who we are and what our goals are. Unilaterally, we are inspired to action by these values and they also makes us stand out as a global community.
Previous Locations
2012 Beauvais, France
2013 Philadelphia, USA
2014 Barcelona, Spain
2015 Rome, Italy
2016 Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Rome, Italy