Fall Enrollment Data

Twin Cities and Winona Campuses

The fall enrollment data is broken down by graduate and undergraduate students on each campus. The data is then further divided by degree-seeking and non-degree seeking status, student gender, and full/part-time status.

Enrollment figures include students registered by fall data freeze dates. The data freeze dates are approximately the tenth day of classes for the Winona Campus and during approximately the sixth week of the term for the Twin Cities Campus.

Fall Enrollment Data (PDFs)

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Nairobi Campus

The fall enrollment data is broken down by program, CTIE and MIAS, and further divided by gender.

Christ the Teacher Institute (CTIE) provides coursework in teacher education leading to a three-year diploma and a bachelor of education degree. 

The Maryknoll Institute of African Studies (MIAS) offers an intensive inculturation experience for those wishing to learn more about African cultures. Students who complete the prescribed coursework and thesis are awarded a Master of Arts in African Studies.

Nairobi Fall Enrollment Data (PDFs)

Nairobi 2013-2014

Nairobi 2012-2013

Nairobi 2011-2012

Nairobi 2010-2011

Nairobi 2009-2010

Nairobi 2008-2009

Nairobi 2007-2008

Nairobi 2006-2007

Student Body Diversity

Student Body Diversity Charts (PDF)