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Christine Beech, M.S.

Executive Director of the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies/Assistant Professor

Kabara Institute

HABC, 229A

Campus Box: # 15

(507) 457-6978

Areas of Expertise: Veteran Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurship, Hybrid Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Succession Planning, Women Entrepreneurs, Ecosystems, Management Consulting, Community Engagement

Meet Christine Beech
Matthew Bluem, MBA

Course-contracted Assistant Professor


Brother Louis Hall, BLH 202

Campus Box: # 28

Area of Expertise: Political and Economic Development, Inernational Development

Meet Matthew Bluem
Moni Berg-Binder, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


HABC, 337B

Campus Box: # 10

(507) 457-6989

Areas of Expertise: Invasive plant species and native plants; ecology and animal-plant interactions

Meet Moni Berg-Binder
Crystal Carlson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor


HABC, 339C

Campus Box: # 1497

(507) 457-1515

Ares of Expertise: Educational psychology, educational technology, fostering critical thinking skills, first-year and first-generation students

Meet Crystal Carlson
Erin Mae Clark, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

English and World Languages

Saint Mary's Hall, SM 403

Campus Box: # 1411

(507) 457-6643

Areas of Expertise: Multiethnic literatures of the United States, Holocaust literature, and trauma theory

Meet Erin Mae Clark
Farhiya Farah, Ph.D.

Program Director


Brother Louis Hall, BLH 3

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4522

Areas of Expertise: Public Health

Meet Farhiya Farah
Tammy Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Course-Contracted Associate Professor

M.A. in Human Resource Management

Areas of Expertise: Leadership and Job Satisfaction

Meet Tammy Fitzpatrick
John Jankord, M.F.T.

Program Director

Certificate in Addiction Studies

Brother Louis Hall, BLH 227

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 728-5243

John Jankord is a mental health clinician who brings more than 18 years of varied substance use and mental health disorder treatment experience as a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed alcohol and drug counselor, licensed professional clinical counselor, and Master Addiction Counselor to the Addiction Studies Certificate program and classroom.

Area of Expertise: Counseling

Meet John Jankord
Amy Jauman, Ed.D.

Program Director

M.A. in Human Resource Management

Brother Louis Hall, BLH 236

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4517

Areas of Expertise: Coaching and Adult Education

Meet Amy Jauman
Ralf Keysser, D.B.A.

Course-Contracted Professor


Areas of Expertise: Finance and Business

Meet Ralf Keysser
Tricia Klosky, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

History and Social Sciences

HABC, 145C

Campus Box: # 1513

(507) 457-6677

Areas of Expertise: Juvenile corrections, criminal justice, delinquency

Meet Tricia Klosky
Erich Lippman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

History and Social Sciences

Saint Mary's Hall, SM 237

Campus Box: # 1505

(507) 457-6944

Areas of Expertise: Russian Intellectual history with a focus on the interactions between religion and modernity in revolutionary Russia

Meet Erich Lippman
David Lynch, Ph.D.


History and Social Sciences

HABC, 143C

Campus Box: # 1430

(507) 457-1526

Areas of Expertise: International relations and political economies, particularly trade, globalization and regional trade agreements

Meet David Lynch
Debra Martin, Ph.D.



HABC, 324

Campus Box: # 10

(507) 457-1628

Areas of Expertise: Developmental Biology, Molecular Biology, and Biochemistry

Meet Debra Martin
Zakary Mayo, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Business and Communication

HABC, 250C

Campus Box: # 1528

(507) 457-1491

Areas of Expertise: Athlete Engagement, Athlete Recruitment and Retention, Athlete Branding, NIL, Risk Mitigation, Event Planning, Facility Management, Project Valuation, Coaching Theory

Meet Zakary Mayo
Larry Morgan, M.A.

Course-Contracted Assistant Professor

M.A. in Human Resource Management

Areas of Expertise: Compensation Alignment

Meet Larry Morgan
Signe Nestingen, Psy.D.

Core Professor

Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology

Director of Clinical Training

Brother Louis Hall, BLH 138

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4571

Areas of Expertise: Social Justice and Mental Health Care

Meet Signe Nestingen
Matthew Nowakowski, Ed.D.

Interim Vice Provost for Faculties and Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Core Professor

Brother Louis Hall, BLH 249

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 728-5142

Dr. Nowakowski is the program director and a core associate professor in the Doctor of Business Administration program, and additionally teaches and serves on dissertation committees in the Doctor of Education in Leadership program. His scholarly interests include the study of resilience, perseverance, community development and the adaptability of people and economic systems.

Areas of Expertise: Community Development and Resilience

Meet Matthew Nowakowski
Janet Pladson, Ed.D.

Course-Contracted Assistant Professor

Ed.S. in Educational Administration

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Skills

Meet Janet Pladson
Michael Ratajczyk, M.A.

Associate Professor of Business

Business and Communication

Program Director

HABC, 250F

Campus Box: # 1434

(507) 457-1698

Areas of Expertise: Buisness intelligence and data analytics

Meet Michael Ratajczyk
Kirsten Seal, M.A.

Course-Contracted Associate Professor

M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy

Areas of Expertise: Marriage and Family Therapy

Meet Kirsten Seal
Ashley Sovereign, Psy.D.

Program Director

Psy.D. in Counseling Psychology

Core Professor

Brother Louis Hall, BLH 137

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 238-4557

Areas of Expertise: Psychotherapy and Counseling

Meet Ashley Sovereign
Daniel Strittmater, MHA

Practicum Director

M.A. in Health and Human Services Administration

Campus Box: # 28

(612) 728-5241

Meet Daniel Strittmater
Holly Tapper, J.D.

Course-Contracted Professor


Areas of Expertise: Law and Business

Meet Holly Tapper