Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota provides a Financial Aid Shopping Sheet to prospective students who are eligible to receive Federal military benefits and veterans educational benefits in order to help those prospective students to understand the total cost of Saint Mary’s University educational program.  The documents below are intended to simplify information about costs and financial aid so that you can make informed decisions about which postsecondary institution to attend. The information on the shopping sheet is an estimate. Students must apply for admission and complete the FAFSA before actual figures and any grant or scholarship amounts can be determined.

If you are a prospective student eligible to receive Federal military benefits or veterans educational benefits and need assistance obtaining or understanding your Financial Aid Shopping Sheet, please contact Brian Matthews at 612-238-4566 or 

Programs listed alphabetically

Accountancy, M.S. (PDF)

Accountancy M.S. (Online) (PDF)

Addiction Studies (Graduate Certificate) (PDF)

Arts and Cultural Management, M.A. (PDF)

Counseling & Psychological Services, M.A. (PDF)

Counseling Psychology, Psy.D (PDF)

Culturally Responsive Teaching (Graduate Certificate) (PDF)

Doctorate of Business Administration (D.B.A.) (PDF)

Educational Administration (Graduate Certificate) (PDF)

Education Specialist, Ed.S. (PDF)

Educational Leadership, M.A. (PDF)

Educational Leadership, M.A. (Online) (PDF)

Education - Learning Design & Technology, M.Ed (PDF)

Education - Learning Design & Technology, M.Ed (Online) (PDF)

Education - Teaching & Learning, M.Ed (PDF)

Education, M.A. (PDF)

Education - Wisconsin, M.A. (PDF)

English as a Second Language (M.A. or Certificate) (PDF)

Gifted and Talented Instruction, Graduate Certificate (PDF)

Geographic Information Science (GIS), M.S. or Certificate (PDF)

Health & Human Services Administration, M.A. (Online) (PDF)

Health & Human Services Administration, M.A. (PDF)

Human Development, M.A. (PDF)

Human Resource Management, M.A. (PDF)

Human Resource Management, M.A. (Online) (PDF)

Information Technology Management (M.S.) (PDF)

Instruction, M.A. or Certificate (PDF)

International Business, M.A. (PDF)

International Development, M.A. (Online) (PDF)

K-12 Reading Teacher (Graduate Certificate) (PDF)

Lasallian Leadership, M.A. (PDF)

Lasallian Studies, M.A. (PDF)

Leadership, Ed.D (PDF)

Leadership (Blended Delivery), Ed.D (PDF)

Literacy Education, M.A. (PDF)

Management, M.A. (PDF)

MBA, Customized Track or Specialized Track (PDF)

Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A. or Certificate (PDF)

Nurse Anesthesia - MSA (Year One) (PDF)

Nurse Anesthesia - SMUMN (Year One) (PDF)

Nursing, B.S. (Full Time) (PDF)

Nursing, B.S. (Part Time) (PDF)

Organizational Leadership, M.A. (PDF)

Organizational Leadership, M.A. (Online) (PDF)

Project Management, M.S. (Online) (PDF)

Project Management, M.S. or Certificate (PDF)

Public Safety Administration, M.A. (PDF)

Special Education, M.A. or Certificate (PDF)

Special Education, M.A. (Online) (PDF)

Undergraduate, B.S. (Part Time) (PDF)

Undergraduate, B.S. (Full Time) (PDF)