Current and Archived Catalogs

Students are bound by the graduation requirements of their respective Catalog in place when they enter Saint Mary's University. 

Graduate and Bachelor's Completion Catalogs

Current students or other institutions of higher education may request access to prior catalogs by contacting the Twin Cities Registrar's Office at 612-728-5135 or

Current Graduate and Bachelor's Completion Catalog

Graduate and Bachelor's Completion Academic Policies

Previous Graduate and Bachelor’s Completion Catalogs

Graduate and Bachelor's Completion 2018-2019

Graduate and Bachelor's Completion 2017-2018

Graduate and Bachelor's Completion 2016-2017

Graduate and Bachelor's Completion 2015-2016

Winona Undergraduate Catalogs

The bachelor of arts curricula are updated every two years and a new Winona Undergraduate Catalog is released. The five most recent catalogs are provided below. 

Current Winona Undergraduate Catalog

Winona Undergraduate Academic Policies

Previous Winona Undergraduate Catalogs

Winona Undergraduate 2018-2019

Winona Undergraduate 2017-2018

Winona Undergraduate 2016-2017

Winona Undergraduate 2015-2016

Winona Undergraduate 2013-2015

The university reserves the right to revise, supplement, and otherwise amend the policies and procedures contained in these catalogs. The university further reserves the right to cancel programs and courses or change the schedule of courses, for any reason. The university also reserves the right to change the curriculum and may make such changes without notice to students. These catalogs should not be read as a guarantee of the classes or courses set out herein.

Please note that the areas of study information presented on this website reflects the most current academic requirements and policies, and they take precedence over any printed versions.